Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make Do Day 3

Queen of Everything mug and hot cocoa along with a mug rug, cozy socks, and a tin of cookies for my Senior Pal
Made a batch of English muffins today for a quick to go breakfast for hubby and I

The muffins are now sliced, bagged and in the freezer, these should last a week or two.

Day 3 of the No/Low spend day was pretty good. I did have to get my Senior pal gift in the mail that set me back $8.62, that was all the spending that was done, yepee.

I meet Daughter #1 at the fabric store this afternoon so she could pick out fabric for Dinning room window treatments, I spent 0000000, nothing, nada, I wasn't even tempted to spend! Go Me

I figured the cost for my Senior Pal gift was around $4.00, I picked up everything at the after Christmas sales here and there, the mug rug was made from scraps I had on hand. You might remember the fabric from the PJ set I made for a buddy back in October. I still have yards of it to make our big girls PJ's with, I'm thinking over the winter I can get them finished then stash them away for next Christmas. While I was playing around with the scraps I started a few more mug rugs, some blog candy might be in order next Monday to celebrate our first week of making do.

If you are into quilting check out "Sew Scraps Along" on the right upper corner of my blog. She has a super cute scrappy quilt featured today. I have added it to my wish list to do at some point. I love the idea of pulling out all my scraps and whipping one up but I know I could never pull it off, I have too much OCD in me, everything needs to be matchy matchy. I do have a dream quilt I am sketching out that I found in the Pottery Barn for kids catalog, I think I am close to the dimensions I want and have what I think are enough fabrics to pull it off but first I really must finish some of what I have started! Tomorrow if the stars line up just right I think I will have the afternoon to work on the last of the little girl quilts I need to finish up. I can't wait to get them in the mail !!

So how are you doing in your No/Low spend month? There are a lot of us cheering you on so get with it, misery loves company you know!


  1. Oh those English muffins look delicious! Great work on not spending! I bought coffee today.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. Looking forward to following along with everyone, together maybe we can asve a few $$ this month

  3. That is a lot of English Muffins, they sure do look good are they easy to make?

  4. Super easy to make Kimberley, check out this recipie http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/English-Muffins/

  5. Haha...I was just going to ask for that recipe; thanks!

    I'm loving having a Senior Angel so far--kudos to you for doing this!!!

  6. Happy Homeowner I got the Senior Angel idea from your blog last month, thanks for sharing the info with us all!