Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Make Do Day 24

Finished quilt top for an additional "Quilt of Valor"

I spent most of the day working on quilts (whats new!) With hubby gone until Friday I have very few days where I can just walk away from the mess I make and not worry about whats for dinner and where the heck are we going to eat it amongst all the fabric. I am 1/2 finished with the quilting on the other quilt, THANK goodness! Tomorrow I should be able to finish that up then get on with the binding. Quilting has been a big part of staying on track with the No/Low spending challenge this month. Today was a no spend day.

I also want to work on a plan for the February challenges. I think my biggest obstacle is cleaning out the clutter and tackling some organization issues and still stick with the No/Low spending challenge. I am a sucker for organizing tools, containers and such, they of course cost $$.

I want to share a site a young Mommy sent to me today. She wanted to share it with me along with her feelings on how thankful she was to have a Mother who chose to stay home. Thank you so much Katie!! I had thought that maybe just maybe the old stereotype that stay at home Mom's were to dumb or lazy to work outside their homes was over, looks like I was wrong. Why is it woman are so cruel to each other? My DD that have children both work outside the home, so PLEASE don't think I am judging anyone who chooses to work outside the home. One thing our girls and the entire family agree on is that as a family we want the children to be in a loving home environment so together we are making that happen. It's not always easy to be a hands on Nanny, there are lots of things I could do with my time other than helping with the grands but I feel that God wants me home to continue to be a Wife, Mom and Nanny. My prayer tonight is that people who don't want children don't have them and that woman STOP being mean to each other. Check out this site, so sad that woman would go on national tv and act this way!


  1. I was a stay at home mom, and I realize they are a rarity now, but it was the best thing I ever did,


  2. I wasn't a stay at home Mom, not by choice. I really feel it is a good thing to be able to stay at home. One thing I always enforced, and still do when we are together, is that we all sit down at the dinner table together to have our meals. This is time to share and come together as a family when we have otherwise had to go separate way. Shame on those women to say "lazy", there are woman in the workplaces who are "lazy" it is not a sterotype for the stay at home Mother.

  3. Oh to be a "lazy" stay at home mom... I think I'm doing something wrong cause rarely do I get to "sit around"! lol!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the link. I pray it is an encouragement to SAHM's. :-) Love all your projects too!

  5. I wasn't able to spend more than one year at home with Kazi, wish I'd had a few more but I had to work being a single parent. As a teacher, however, we had all of the same holidays and daily schedule so we had ample time together. It's a personal choice and people should just "MYOB"!

  6. So right ladies, I just don't understand who women always treat other women so bad. If a man were to say those things they would string him up!!