Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make Do Day 25 & 26

Check out one of my projects from this morning. Back off ladies I know you are all in envy that hubby has a collection of the best of the best 8 track cassettes. Yep we have the classics, Donny Osmond's 1st tape, James Taylor, 3 Dog Night, Led Zeppelin, Cheek and Chung, you name it we got it.

Why would I even bother with hanging on to this useless crap? When I was cleaning out the attic a few years back I checked with hubby before I sent the box of 8 tracks on their way. He just about had a stroke that I would consider HIS music crap. We no longer have a tape deck (I think that's what they were called) so we can't play the silly things but I am afraid if I bring up that subject again I will find a UPS box on the front steps where hubby has found and purchased a tape deck. I consolidated his tapes along with one of his many train sets (bought before DD#1 was born, she is 34) into one nice plastic container to be shoved back in the attic. Figure it will never see the light of day until our kids get to clean it out when we are long gone so I have a little note on top explaining that their Dad wanted to keep it all. Let them deal with the guilt of throwing it out!! Ha

Yesterday was a spending day. Our temperature was 67 degrees with lots of sunshine and I had cabin fever along with a slight injury to my shoulder from my morning work out (blow drying my hair, I am not kidding) I had heard we had a new quilting store in the area I thought I would check out for some nice ON SALE backing for all the quilts I have lined up and I knew there was another quilt shop out in the country I have been wanting to visit. I didn't want to head from home on the little gas I had left in the tank so I put $20.00 in, not much for my car but enough to make me feel better. I couldn't find the local store but I did visit the store in the country and found what I hope is enough backing for 3 quilts all on clearance at only $5.00 a yard, $47.26 total, I took the $$ from this weeks spend money so I won't have as much as I had hoped to put back at the end of the week. I think I will consider this pace spending. I really want to get as many quilts completed as I can before I start keeping Mr. Mason full time, maybe if I buy a little backing here and there on sale I can pace myself and our budget to cover it all.

Today will be a NO spend day as I am quilting and doing a little organizing while on breaks from the machine, I have Kara for the afternoon so that will be my rest time for the day.
Have you fallen off wagon on the No/Low spending this month? This week it turning out to be my downfall, maybe a month is just to long for this slacker to do.


  1. I had an unexpected expense when I went to renew my Health Card & was told my Driver's License was also due (every 5 yrs) for a whopping $75.! I am hoping the challenge will keep me in line, as with not have a consistent pay period with hubby's business, it is "watch what I spent". I wonder what some of those 8 tracks go for on E-Bay if anything, Debby? Way to go on your quilting, and go easy on your drying arm, you need it ...

  2. I agree with Cindy, go easy with your arm........I dare not go near a quilting store as I don't want to spend.....

    Gill in Canada

  3. The trick for me is to come straight home from school, no looking to the left or right, and then I have a NO SPEND! I've had 4 so far this week - woo hoooooo!

  4. I didn't even know what those things were!!! lol! I'd try EBay!!! Maybe make a few $$!

    As for the fabric, I honestly don't think that was a "splurge", you needed to finish the quilts... its not a waste of $$. Different if you went out & bought fabric just to sit on your shelf, you've done awesome this month!!

  5. Hubby would kill me if I sold off his prize keepsakes!!