Friday, January 27, 2012

Make Do Day 27

I think quilts look so much better hanging on the clothes line.
Love the soft flannel backing

Embroidery thread is all inventoried and neatly organized in their containers, wish I could say the same for the rest of the room!

After Kara left today I hit the big box store for the embroidery thread sale. I saved $69.52 but spent $42.33. I am cutting it very close this week to stay on budget. I may not have much leftover to send to our Christmas/Vacation account but the thread purchase today will help cover the cost of one of the Christmas items I will be making this year so it was worth the risk. I picked up 2 custom orders for children chairs this week, as soon as I find out what the Mommies want for the applique and embroidery work I can knock them out pretty quick. I am thinking for now I will set the $$ aside for some storage containers I would like to have in the sewing area of my room.

I am set for the first week of the decluttering challenge over at Carla's this month. I like the idea of starting with our own space. When I do a big clean out I always wait on our room until the end, by then I have run out of steam!

So here are my goals for week 1 on the decluttering side

Clean out our room, master bath and our closets. Along with that I will have to do some work in the scrap/sewing room. I have lots of gifts I need to complete before the end of the month, the sewing side of my little room of sin is a total mess. Along with the No/Low spend challenge I have also been participating in the "Sew Scraps Along" The two challenges worked beautifully together but my room didn't fair to well in the process!
Hope everyone has a great weekend of No/Low spending!!


  1. I just love all the colours in your thread container.

    Gill in Canada

  2. one day I will make a quilt ;) I have been saving some of my dd's things from when she was a baby & going forward - I would love to make a memory quilt!

  3. Your threads are a "rainbow" Debby. Great savings you got on the sale... I am hoping I have enough energy to start the declutter challenge next week, as my bedroom closet is one "mess" ! Actually all my closets need rehauled, lol.

  4. Love all your beautiful thread colors! :) Good luck with your Decluttering challenges! You'll be busy I'm sure!! lol!

  5. ooooh I love jp's idea of a memory quilt. I too have saved things of Kazi's from when she was a baby plus there are other things from the past in her closet. The weekend has been great - spent exactly what I planned to spend - zero on dinner last night and $9 at the movies! If you have a chance to see "Extremely Loud and Incrediby Close" GO!!

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies, I have seen some memory quilts they are so cool!! I have plenty of decluttering and sewing to keep me off the streets for Feb!!