Sunday, January 1, 2012

Make Do or Do Without Day 1

As soon as Mason is old enough to sit up he will have his very own chair
The little girls chairs are blinged out with a few rhinestones buttons

Vanilla cake pops with sprinkles were desert for dinner tonight.

How cute are the chairs hubby and I made over the weekend for the grands, love them. Tyler's is still in the building stage, we had to enlarge the pattern for our super tall 5 year old and I needed to check with him to see what design he wanted. Of course he picked an elephant..not sure how I am gonna pull that off! If your interested in making one they are really easy to make and the cost is next to nothing, maybe $8.00 in PVC piping and only a yard of fabric (moved out a little more of my stash) I purchased the pattern from here lots of cute patterns on this site.

I decided to try out the cake pop machine hubby bought me for Christmas to make desert for tonight. Fast and easy the decorating however was a pain in the .....Not sure how much I will be using the machine but my girls will wear it out, they were planning what all they could make with it over dinner tonight.

Are you ready to kick up your savings? It's January 1st you know, time for a little use it up or do without. My BIG kitchen, pantry, refrigerator, freezer clean out is tomorrow, the place is a total mess. I do however have a pretty good idea of what we have on hand so I put together our meal plan for the week. Now that hubby is home a real meal is a necessity, when I am on my own I can get by with cooking once or twice a week then eating on it the rest of the time, with him around that WON'T work! Day one for us was NO SPENDING!! Yepeee so here is the menu this week

Sunday-Italian beef, cheese potato casserole, mac salad, black eye peas, rolls, chips and desert

Monday-Chili and corn muffins

Tuesday-Fried chicken, potato's, gravy and veggies

Wednesday-Pork roast, rice gravy and veggies

Thursday-BBQ pork sandwiches and whatever

Friday-Chicken and dumplins

Saturday-Taco's, beans and rice

I need to get bread made for the week and do a batch of English muffins for hubby to take on the road for work in the AM's (let it be soon) Check out Carla's post (on my side bar) today for her inventory of whats on hand as far as the food department goes. I am thinking I will stick to a photo of the freezer and pantries for my food inventory, believe me I couldn't list it all!!

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