Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make Do Day 18

Today was clean up the scrap/sewing room, however.....
Just as I was walking in the room to get started I spotted leftover fabric from a Christmas gift I made that coordinated perfectly with the scraps from yesterday's quilt for DD #2.
How silly to find more room for yet another pile of scraps, why not figure out a quilt to use it all up.

And so I did. Humm, this photo makes it look out of proportion but it's really not that bad. Turned out to be a 48x70, maybe it could use an additional border down the sides, I will think about that tomorrow Scarlett.

Next month I will start looking for some backing to finish this one off. For me a lap quilt needs to cover from shoulders to toes

Even with everything I used up today I still have a pretty good pile of leftovers. I am going to do a bit of thinking tonight to see what I can come up with. I so want to use this all up. I might be able to pull of an additional teen girl quilt for the Linus project.

So much for working on my to do list today, although...... technically I did work on the sewing problem in the craft room. I used up a good size pile of scraps so I didn't shove more in the overflowing room. I might or might not get back in the room tomorrow. If I can come up with and idea for the remaining pile of scraps I will work them up instead. While sewing and making up what to do along the way I did at least get the laundry done, tonight I shoveled lots of thread and scraps in the trash and even mopped the floor.

I did do some spending today. Made a run to the grocery this morning to pick up dog food (AJ the beagle likes the good stuff) and milk. As luck would have it they had a buggy full of coconut on clearance for $.80@ package, savings of almost a dollar each. I went with 8 bags. I was low on coconut after the holiday's, feels good to have some put back in the freezer now. Total spent $26.38, not to bad since it is already Wednesday and I have just a tad less than a 1/2 tank of gas. Hope to stash a little more cash in the Christmas/Vacation account by Monday!!

Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays blog, my blog seems to have a mind of it's own. Some days I can respond to comments other days, no beans. It's good to know I am not the only one in the world who thinks hanging on to what you have for a rainy day or government melt down is a good idea. Save on ladies!!!


  1. I cannot believe how much quilting you can get do so quickly!! Love it!! :) You're doing great with your no-spend!! Keep on going! We're in the home-stretch now!!

  2. Wow Debby, you are such a "Quilt" whiz. It all just comes so natural to you how it will all work out? Good thing AJ got his good stuff, as can't have a good beagle doing with out ... lol. I love the discount veggie/fruit racks when I can get in to town earlier enough to gain from them.