Sunday, January 29, 2012

On to the next challenge!!

My first attempt at a baby bib
Then a few more

I played around with a pattern over the weekend for a baby bib I want to include in a gift I am making for an upcoming baby shower. They turned out very girlie, just what I had in mind and all from leftover projects, love this whole making do and using up scraps!! I started cutting out another project for the baby gift today but ran into a problem working with minky fabric, that crap stretches all over the place. Maybe tomorrow I can start fresh and have better luck.

I am calling an end to our January challenge. I like to work from Sunday to Sunday on our weekly spending plan and to do list, starting in the morning I am on to Carla's Low Spend/Declutter challenge
So here is the total spent for the week $149.49, my worst week of all for January. I transferred over $50.00 tonight to our Christmas/Vacation fund. The grand total that I was able to put into our Christmas/Vacation account from my weekly spending plan this month was $423.00, not to shabby!! We were still able to fund our long term savings as well as our EF from payroll deductions but after we get through February's challenge we will be backing off on some of the payroll deductions. I have sooo over estimated our payroll deductions!!
For February my goal is to continue to add what I can at the end of each week to our Christmas/Vacation account. I have no set amount in mind, just have as many No spend days as possible and keep my rump at home staying busy.

I will start the decluttering challenge tomorrow in our bedroom, master bath and closets. With any luck I can start working on some area's in the scrap/sewing room as well. I don't think our personal space should take up the entire week, but it will take more than a week to get the sewing mess under control, I need a head start in there!!

Thanks to all of you ladies who followed along this month and kept me motivated to do a little better each day. You guys have all done an incredible job stashing a little cash!


  1. You did great Debby! I just cleaned out my dresser in the bedroom and I feel so much better. (Why did it take me so long to do it?) I agree, fellow bloggers keep us in line....:)!

    Looking forward to February!!

  2. Great job Debby. That's a nice little bit extra to tuck away plus all the other stuff you did on top of it.

    Those bibs are adorable! Too cute!

  3. Thanks ladies, I enjoyed playing along. The extra$$ will come in handy when hubby and I each go on our own mini vacation in March!!

  4. Debby, love the Baby Bibs, too cute! You have done so fantastic on the January challenge. I having been eyeing up our bedroom closet for, and I don't know about this yet. The sad part is I had just cleaned it out last Spring. Good day to you, Debby.

  5. You are welcome!! It sooo helps to have company on the journey! I LOVE your bibs - simply adorable - have I told you my favorite pattern is paisley? Well, it is...the chair I'm sitting in right now is a paisely, my eyes never grow tired of it.
    $423 smackeroos?!? That's really incredible!

  6. Love the bibs!! They are just sooo sweet! You're SOO talented! I've barely been sewing lately! :(

    You did great this month! Congrats on the extra savings!! :)

  7. Thanks all, I am really happy with the bibs and thanful to have survived Jan.!! Ha

  8. The bibs are awesome and your decluttering job so inspiring.

    You did an amazing job with that closet. Good job.