Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make Do Day 16 & 17

I cut out 2 quilts yesterday while Kara was napping
Then stayed up way past my bedtime starting the piecing of one.

By the time Kara left yesterday and I had some leftover potato soup then a little rest I was energized to start piecing one of the quilts I cut out during nap time. The OCD kicked in, I ended up going to bed at 1:00 AM, I am not a late night lady!! What the heck I will just sleep in a bit in the morning...NOT. I forgot in my excitement of starting a new quilt that I had Daughter #1 babies this morning. So far Mason has spit up twice, Karsyn has thrown every food I have offered at me and figured out how the water/ice cube maker on the refrigerator works, tackled AJ the little beagle and turned the playroom upside down. Both babies are now down for what I hope will be a nice morning nap, wheeeee.

Yesterday was a NO SPEND day! Lovin the no spend days, they seem to be coming around more often now. I am thinking today might just be another no spend.

I will have the little ones until early afternoon then I would like to work on the new quilt top a bit more. I am using a pattern I found on line for FREE. The only problem I have with it is the size 48x55. I like a quilt that will cover from shoulders to toes so I am going to figure out how to enlarge it with a few borders (if the fabric will hold out). The quilting will have to wait on this one until next month when I can purchase fabric for the backing. This will be for Daughter #2's Birthday coming up next month, I want to find a nice flannel that will blend with the front.

BTW, thanks for the idea's on a teen boy quilt, I think I will go with solids in some man colors.

Wishing everyone a happy No/Low spend day!!

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