Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make Do Day 19

Another Scrappy quilt in the making, this time I had a pattern to use and will make very few changes. Just enlarged it enough to make a quilt that will cover shoulders, knee's and toes.

NO SPENDING continued again today. I even meet DD#1 at a super cute store that rents out booths to small business for house decor, window treatments, cute little nick knacks and such. I spent not one single dime!! DD#1 is on the look out for window treatments for her dinning room (I so don't want to make them) a few shops had drapes on 1/2 price sale, however the prices started at $699.00 for one window, that ain't happening!!

One interesting little shop had hand made quilts for sale. They weren't full size quilts just small wall hangings and table toppers. The work was really good, the seamstress (artist?) had made reproductions of vintage quilts. After looking at the price I held one up for DD to guess the price, she was WAY off. They had them priced at $125.00-$200.00 each, holy cow!!! It would be

interesting to know if they ever really sold anything with that price tag. Knowing the area we live in she is more than likely making a killing!!

I am still trying to use up scraps that coordinate with the quilt and purse I made recently. I don't think I will ever use it all up :( The pattern I picked to use today was originally for DD#2's quilt but the more I would look it over the less I liked it. Now that I have started piecing it I am glad I made the change, I still don't like this quilt. I think the black strip is what is turning me off, not really sure what my aversion to the quilt is but I am sure a teen with the "Linus Quilt" project will enjoy it.

Thanks for the comments on the recent posts. Until I can respond in the comments I will try and answer questions or comments on the blog. One thing that seems to come up often is how I can put quilts together so fast. Heck that's an easy one. Hubby is up north this week so my household duties are...well none really. I do however still clean house, but it's a heck of a lot faster with just AJ the beagle to pick up after. I normally only have the grands on Thursday and Friday so most of my week is pretty free to play at the machine. I also wake before the sun comes up, so before many are even out of bed I am ready to roll. The quilts I have been making are also VERY basic, nothing fancy going on. I would like to try and do a few more challenging quilts later on but for now I want to get ahead of the game on the "Linus Quilts" before I start keeping Mason full time in March.

Speaking of keeping the grands. I had a lady e-mail me not long ago with information on taxes, Social Security and whatever it is they call the other stuff that is withheld on pay checks. She wanted me to be aware that keeping the grands and getting paid under the table was illegal. LET ME BE CLEAR, I have never been paid in anything other than hugs and kisses for watching our grands. As a matter of fact I go in the hole quite a bit between gas picking up and delivering the little ones, diapers, food, formula, wipes, extra clothing for our house, baby equipment for 3 little ones and of course toys. If I have ever given the impression I was being paid to watch our grands I apologize. I do it because for me its the right thing to do. I wish more families would work together to do the best for each person within the family. It's not all about me, its all about us.

Good luck with your No/Low spend challenge. I am following everyone who is signed up over at 1/2 Dozen Daily but I am having the same problem with some of those comment sections as I have with my own. All I get is a blank white screen. I wonder if it is a problem with the blog server we are using.


  1. I wonder if the problem might be the browser you are using. Firefox was giving me an aweful time recently. I needed to do an update. No issues since. Hope you can figure out the problem. I can't believe your quilts. They are all so amazing!

  2. Absolutely adore this quilt pattern....You work fast, for sure. I work on two or three at atime and what gets done first, gets done first.

  3. Glad to know you're not breaking the law lol! Not that I ever wondered one way or another. I didn't realize there were blogger vigilantes out there in cyber land keeping track of all of our doings! I don't really care for that black/white stripey material either, it's a bit jarring I think - but it will certainly serve its purpose well!

  4. Curtain covering costs are ridiculous ! I absolutely love your quilting talents, Debby. Yes, there are days when blogger has a mind of it's own !