Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make Do Day 4

See this cabinet loaded down in holiday table ware
It sets on one wall of our former dinning room that has be converted into the grands room. I had to put one of the portable cribs in front of it when they were not sleeping to keep busy hands off Nanny's stuff.

That worked for awhile but the girls have figured out my sneaky ways. I caught them before Christmas wedged between the bed and the cabinet pushing with all their collective might to get in the china cabinet. We have put off moving the cabinet into the kitchen for month's on end until today. But first the toy bookcase in the kitchen had to be relocated.

I took Carla's challenge today to do something on your to do list that you have been putting off way too long. Check out her post is having a drawing for little blog candy for
anyone who knocks something off the dread to do. The china cabinet is now in a safe place, the toy bookcase has been relocated to the grands room where it should have been a long time ago.

These two little doll babies are worth all the work!! Thanks Carla for getting me on the right track.

I wasn't sure I could pull off Carla's challenge today since I couldn't move all the furniture by myself, hubby was gonna need to pitch in. He is the best guy in the world bar non but moving furniture is one of the things he really hates to do!! I put the quilt I am free motion quilting aside for the afternoon and got busy unloading everything from the cabinets, threw a chicken in the pot for chicken and dumplings, got busy making a loaf of bread along with some yeast rolls, pulled a can of SC peaches from the canning shelves and awaited his arrival home. I know the way to my mans heart!

He was more than happy to pitch in before dinner (the grands have his heart as well) Washing all the glassware by hand and drying everything was no picnic, having the china cabinet in the kitchen is going to be one more thing to keep clean (I have a working kitchen not a show place) But having a safe room for the little ones to play in was so worth all the trouble!!

If you have something you have been putting off for far too long check out Carla's post and get your name in the hat for one of her hand made items (this girl has some talent!)
Today was another $0 spend day at our house! It's hard to spend money when you are up to your elbows in dish water.


  1. Good job!! Yay for having a big & strong hubby!! :) My hubby always appreciates a good meal too!

  2. Thank you for giving me the jujmp start to get it done!

  3. What beautiful little angels..I cant believe they would cause any trouble :)

    By the way I love your china cabinet!!!

  4. Thanks you Judy, the little girls are sweet as can be but a handful!!