Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Linus Quilt" for a bigger boy with AJ the Beagle looking on
I am thinking a toddler to maybe an 8 year old boy would like this quilt, I did straight line stitching on the main body with some curvy stitching on the border.

I didn't have enough of the Giraffe print to do the back so I pieced some leftover jungle greenery print to Make Do.

For some reason I seem to be stuck on little boy quilts, have another one I am putting binding on tonight that is once again a boy quilt, wonder what that is all about. Speaking of boys, I need some of you ladies to let me know what sort of fabric will work for a pre teen/teen boy. I am doing 2 quilts each (boy/girl) in 3 different age groups. Baby/toddler, young school age, and pre-teen/teen. I have what will work for all of them except a teen boy, I was thinking sports themed but maybe that is still to kidish, then I was contemplating fishing/hunting but maybe not. Lastly how would no theme and just do more manly looking browns, tans, grey, that sort of thing in maybe flannels, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I can't make comments again on my blog :( but I do read them all, thanks so much to each and every one of you!! If you don't know a lot about football you may have never heard of Tebow. He played for the University of Florida until he graduated last year and went on to the Denver Broncos. Since our team ALABAMA is in the same conference as Florida we have had the pleasure (and losses) to get to know this young man. He is remarkable, do a google search and check around on the wonderful things he has accomplished in his young life all in the name of Christ. We are not talking football, it's more of the missionary work, mentoring and sharing his faith with others that makes this kid a WOW!!

Alrighty then, lets move on to the No/Low spend challenge, here is our spending for the week

4 No Spend days!!

$8.79 - Thread and fabric all on sale

$43.00 - Post Office and outing with grands

$28.20 - Post Office and supper out

Grand total out going $79.99 that means I will be transferring $120.00 to our Christmas/Vacation fund tonight!!!!
Whats working?

Staying home has saved 1/2 of a tank of gas, I won't need to fill up until next week. That's a savings of around $80.00 for a tank of gas in my car.

Making Do while I work on quilts is really helping. I don't normally buy the backing when I pick up fabric for a new quilt, I never know how big I might make it. Making Do is forcing me to use up what I have on hand. Lord knows my stash could use some cleaning out!!

Cooking at home is of course a huge money saver, having a full deep pantry has been key to very little spending at the grocery store.

What have we gone without? Nothing!!! I did pass on the quilting class I wanted to take. I had the $$ put back for class $150.00 for a 6 week (once a week) class, but I would have needed to purchase fabric. The way I figured from looking at the photo of the quilt we would be working on the fabric would have run an easy $150.00-$225.00. That is not a good way to start the year off, I am sure I will find a class a bit more affordable in the near future.

On to the eats for the week.

We had Vegetable beef soup and Potato soup for Sunday dinner followed up by some Banana pudding (bananas needed to be used up)

For the week since I am on my own (can you see the smile on my face) I will be using up leftovers from today. By the end of the week I will be doing the "Hunt and Pick" deal. You know where you hunt around in the fridge, pantry and freezer, whatever strikes your fancy is what you pick to eat.

I am off to transfer my savings for the week into our new account, finish up the quilt I am working on then headed over to all the No/Low spend blogs to see how everyone is doing. These ladies are so keeping me on my toes, they are doing some remarkable things with their cash, check them out!! scroll down on the post to see everyone who is participating.


  1. Debby, you are just churning these out!! Do you not sleep?! ;) I love ths one!! SOO much fun! Awesome as always!! You did wonderful this week!! Keep it up!!

  2. Umm, teen boys? Could you go wrong with either trains, cars or Computer gadgets as themes, Debby? LOL, Hunt & Pick ? Love it .... enjoy your time !

  3. For a teen boy, I would just stick to colors. The quilt my grandmother made me in high school was just our school colors (blue & gold). I loved it & used it for years! Since giving David our queen bed (we got a king at Christmas), I have the quilt on his bed. :). It was the only quilt I had that fit the bed & looked boyish. :)