Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Do Day 13

Here is all that is left from my make do today with quilting
I took all the scraps from the blocks and sashing to make a scrappy binding for the quilt

One "Linus Quilt" down 11 more to go!!

I didn't have enough backing for the quilt so I pieced together some of the fabric leftover from the main blocks, much more interesting than a plain old backing

Here is an up close of the backing fabric along with the scrappy binding, lots of work but ZERO cost!!

I am so happy with my first "Linus Quilt" I stuck with cross hatch quilting to save my sore arms and time, this is so much easier than free motion quilting. I have an additional quilt just like this ready to go other than the binding (not sure what to do about that yet) that is sandwiched, pined and ready for some quilting tomorrow. In addition to that I pulled together a few other odds and ends to piece a jungle quilt top, gonna have to do a little digging to come up with backing for that quilt but I have in my mind what might work, just need to do a little math before I pull out the rotary cutter. Hubby is headed north in the morning so it's PJ's, quilting and leftovers for me all day Saturday!!

Today's spending was a little out of line, hubby wanted to hang out with Ty for the evening before he has to head to the project so we joined Daughter #1 and her family for Ty's favorite BBQ joint. $23.00 was down the toilet as far as I am concerned (and I do mean literally, if it's not to gross to think about) I mailed out the mug rugs to the blog candy winners this morning, only set me back $5.20, Little Lamb who knows when you will see yours, Canadian mail is the slowest I have ever seen! So $28.20 was the total spent for the day. If I can hold out for 2 more days I should be able to send a little more cash to the Christmas/Vacation account. I didn't really have a goal in mind for how much we could save this month in the No/Low spend challenge but whatever we could squeeze out I knew would head to the Christmas/Vacation fund. I already have direct deposit set up for our regular savings each pay period so whatever we do this month will be bonus $$. Hubby and I each have a (Boy for him Girl for me) vacation coming up in March, I would love to have it fully funded this month!!

How are you doing in your No/Low spending for January? Once you get into making savings a game it really is amazing what you can pull off, good luck to all of you!!!!


  1. That quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a wonderful job. I'm very excited to receive the mug rug! :)

    Canada Post really is terrible. I just sent a parcel through regular post to my mom and it took about a week. Then I sent a parcel to my my dad and sent it express post and paid more to do that and it took that same amount time! Never again!

  2. Quilting totally amazes me; wonderful Linus quilt, Debby; so nice to have it outside on the line too !

  3. LOVE the quilt! The colours are fabulous!! :) I think I may try to do a little bit of sewing tomorrow... I haven't been doing much & miss it!!

  4. Thanks ladies!! I'm excited to be getting some of the "Linus Quilts" done before I have the newest Grand full time in March, plus it is keeping me off the roads so I can bump up the savings for January