Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make Do Day 17

Daughter # 2's quilt top is finished. By adding some borders I was able to enlarge it to 56x72.

Another NO Spend day is in the books!! We are running low on dog food so I will have to run to the grocery store in a day or two. AJ the beagle would love to help in the make do month by eatting leftovers but she is begining to have an expanding waistline so low cal dog food continues to be her diet.

While surfing around on other blogs over the weekend I ran into an AARP retirment calculator someone had posted, for the life of me I can't figure out what blog it was on. :( If any of you might know please leave a comment so I can give the lady credit!! AARP calculater at end of this post. I can't respond to comments again but I do read them all!!!

For many of you retirment is a long way off but with any luck we are only a short 10 years from having a second cup of coffee in the mornings together. We have contributed to our 401K all along but once our girls were all finished in college and their educations PAID in full (I wonder if they really know how bad student loans would have been) We began maxing out our 401K and adding the additional catch up deal they have for our age bracket. Acourding to the calculater we should be able to retire at the same income we have now until age 92, before having to cut back. That little bit of info was really good news. Here is the big if to me in that calculation. Social Security is figured in, at the rate our goverment is going who knows if that will still be around 10 years from now. The other if is that hubby is lucky enough to continue to be employed at his same salary, right now that is a pretty big IF. Once again until this economy turns around and some major changes are made in our debit ridden, can't stop spending goverment anything could happen.

We have many friends and aquantinaces that tell me all of the time, hubby makes pleanty of $$ why do you think you need to save so much, why are you cliping coupons and only buying on sale, you guys should enjoy yourselfs. As hard as I try I can't seem to explain that stuff is not what makes us happy, a bigger house will not do the trick, a new car, not for me, world travel is just not our thing (hubby dosen't fly) Do you find at times you are the only one around you that thinks having $$ put back and living a modest lifestyle is so wrong? I would have thought after the past few years of watching hard working families that have lost everything do to job loss would wake a few folks up. I seems sorta sad to me. Call me crazy all you want, for me and mine we will do what we can to stay off the goverment hand outs, they come with to high a price!!


  1. I totally agree save now so you don't have to work forever and rely on an unreliable government in retirement!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. Good savings Debby, I do admire anyone who is thrifty. Who knows what the future holds so why not be prepared if you can do, as I don't think my hubby & I will be as fortunate when the time arrives for us. I am feeling much better then I was with min. chest pains now and more ENERGY ! Can't wait to get back to a somewhat regular routine, or one of not sitting around so much. Great day to you. Still not too much snow here after last night, but certainly is cold again in Ontario.

  3. Well said! Since couponing, I can't imagine not using them! Especially since I know what I can save using them!! :)

  4. Yes, yes and yes. Well said. People can't understand the art of coupling and shopping around. Weave because we don't ever want to have to live off the government and make others take care of us. We pride ourselves in being able to take care of ourselves.

  5. I hear obama is having to raise the debt ceiling by another trillion+, that is such a scary concept to me and I live in Canada! I've always been frugal and likely always will, why would I change my habits just because my income may have increased? You are completely sane!