Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make Do Day 14

Big Sister Ella Grace quilt arrived yesterday.
And here is Baby Sister Aubrey Ann's quilt

I forgot to date the tags when I made them but at least the girls will know who's quilt is who's

I was so nervous when I put the little girls quilts in the mail this week. I packed them up in a garbage bag (clean one) just in case the box got wet and sprung for extra insurance in case they were lost and I had to remake them. Thankfully they arrived safe and sound!!

Today was a NO SPEND day. I am making due with leftover spaghetti and french bread for supper. I also finished another "Linus Quilt" using what I had on hand, can't wait to share that tomorrow as the sun is down for the day.

Spending the night with the Denver Bronco's football, who am I kidding, really spending the evening watching TEBOW!!!! Now that he has turned pro and no longer a threat to Bama's record we can fully appreciate what an incredible young man he is.


  1. Debby! You are one talented lady! LOVE the quilts!! Great job on the no spend too! :)!

  2. Sooo gorgeous, Debby!!! Wish I was as good as you! Tebow is one good looking man! ;) Ph, and talented too! lol!

  3. That "Ph" was supposed to be "Oh"! lol!

  4. I've been hearing a lot about Tebow lately, and I don't even watch football. Gorgeous quilts by the way!