Friday, January 20, 2012

Make Do Day 20

I have spent the evening crawling around on the floor sandwiching and pining a "Quilt Of Valor"

My knees and back are done for the night, who am I kidding they are done for many more days!!

Today was another No Spend day!

I had Kara all day today so not much got done around the house that I had hoped to do. Kara has never been much for naps, she sometimes accidentally will fall asleep!! She is never fussy without naps but it makes for a long day for me. After she left I worked on getting the "Quilt Of Valor" ready to quilt over the weekend. It will be a slow process since this is such a large quilt and I have Kara for an additional day tomorrow. When our girls were young I would chase them around all day then stay up late into the night getting things done. The key word is when our girls were YOUNG, I was too!!

Today was our second pay day of the new year. This weekend I will have to set down and work on some numbers. I think I might have been a bit aggressive in what I am trying to save with payroll deductions and auto transfers. Unless I want to continue the No/Low spend challenge for an entire year somethings gotta give. Of course we will continue to be very cautious with our spending for the year but the spending will have to happen at some point!!

Have a great weekend and keep the savings up, we are almost at the end!! GO US!!!


  1. LOL, yes Debby we must not forget those KEY words, must me. Take time out and rest your back. I have just started saving receipts for the tail end of the month no/low spend. I can't really do a daily/weekly budget as my husband doesn't have a consistent income, but find it interesting how much and where we have been spending money since we have now been tracking our spending. Good day to you !

  2. I love the idea of "making do". It's sorta how I've lived my whole life lol! Both of my parents grew up during the depression so it's in our genes - make do, repurpose, never throw anything out!
    That quilt is gorgeous!!

  3. The quilt is stunning, Debby!!! Wow!!! :)

    I think we all need to fine a "happy medium" with our finances... I'm thinking on what I'd like to do next month... We have a busy month, so need to make it work & not be stressed!