Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Big Old Fat F on the First day

 Our Christmas quilt has been washed, dried, and rolled up until next year. This was one of the last tasks I needed to complete the undecorating of the house.
 While cleaning up I realized I had missed one of our bowls of change when putting together Christmas jars this year :( Dog gone it. Figured might as well bag up the coins and cash them in to maybe beef up our Christmas/Vacation account. Grand total $87.14 A nice bit of unplanned savings.
So far so good until I caught the organizing bug. I put our holiday wreath's in the attic when I change them out each season. I always end up having to make repairs and do some fluffy up before I can hang them on the door. Every single time I switch them out I try and figure what would be a better way to store them. While returning the Christmas tubs to the garage shelves today I remembered Target had those cool storage containers for Christmas wreath's. I didn't purchase one at that time because I was trying to stay on budget. Dog gone it I don't remember the stores selling these containers any other time of the year other than at Christmas. I needed one and I needed one today!! To heck with the challenge I was on a mission to finish undecking the halls.

Target had one for 70% off, cool deal, it was worth the $5.29. But you see I needed more than one, in fact I figured I would need 5 or maybe 6. Lowe's home improvement is in the same shopping center, better check it out. Nope they were sold out. Home depot is less than a block away.  Struck out again. I was on a mission at this point. On to Wally world, PAY DIRT!!! Six wreath holders were loaded in the cart. I did at least use a $25.00 gift card for this purchase but still.....

OK so I fell off the wagon. I dropped the pass. Missed the pop fly. Threw a gutter ball. Missed the basket. But I am not out of the game. No way am I going to give up. Tomorrow is a new day Scarlett, time to try again.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this purchase!!! Tomorrow I will be crawling up in the attic to pull out all of those wreaths taking up room and being abused by whatever gets thrown on them during the year. You see one of the many things on my "bucket" list this year is to gut the attic. Cleaning up and or organizing ain't gonna cut it anymore. Our attic fan blew out this summer. Hubby can't repair/replace it with all that is piled up there. We need to add more insulation to the attic, again you gotta be able to get in the attic before you can make those upgrades. Today's purchase is my first step on the attic project. Once the wreaths are in their cool new containers they can be labeled then stored in the garage.

What is it about organizing that makes me giddy? Each and every store I was in and out of today searching for the durn wreath holders had the most amazing displays of organizing containers. Every size, shape, and color. From plastic, to baskets, colorful file folders, planners, and calenders. Be still my heart. I walked away. OK I did look over my shoulder a time or two, the wheels were spinning but I did walk away.

Anyone else get a little bit crazy this time of year wanting to have a place for everything and  everything in it's place? I tell you my OCD kicks in big time come January 1. I didn't get very far today on the FMQ for Tyler's quilt but tomorrow...Well tomorrow is a new day. I have until 6:00PM to surprise our big little man.


  1. I love your posts, Debby. It sounds like you had a very productive, thrifty organizational day. You will be so happy you have those wreaths safely stored. I have bought a few at JoAnn's--$9.97 with a 50% off coupon. A few days ago I found a huge stack at WalMart regularly priced at $5.97! Big score! Keep plugging away with your organizing. You are on the right track.

  2. I never know how to identify myself when asked. I tried my web site--nix. Then my e-mail as "open ID". Had to verify with aol and instead of being signed in as Janice Ferguson, I get this alphabet soup of letters and numbers. Oh, well. Just wanted you to know that this is not some weirdo named 3c057 etc.

  3. Janice try using the drop down box "Comment as" I think your blog is goggle so select that one, it may ask you to sign in at that point. I am really excited to get a bit more stuff out of that durn attic!!

  4. Wow Debby off to a great start of getting organized. I am going to try and tackle the basement this year with its 5 inches of dust and all. Rob keeps piling stuff in there as organizing is not one of his skills. I think we would need at least a dumpster or two, but I am sure the Sally Ann will be happy, or many I will try selling a few items on kijiji..

  5. your post was a great read today. You sound full of life and spunk. Think I may need you to pop over to our place to give me a hand at the decluttering!!!

  6. I really like those wreath holders! Guess I'll have to wait until next year! I like to organize too, but I'll have to wait a bit as I'm enjoying not doing too much!