Saturday, January 4, 2014

Country Cookin

 While Kara was playing babies under the kitchen table I figured might as well do some chain piecing for Christmas 2014!!!
 Today was a good day to something that required no thinking and very little work. By the end of the week my batteries are running pretty low. Simple piecing fit the bill.
 The last of the New Years ham was put to good use today in a pot of bean soup.
Bean soup along with a skillet of corn bread hit the spot on this cold winter evening.

Spending today? ZERO!!

 Kara and I hung out in the house all day. It was just too cold and cloudy to even take her out back the park wasn't gonna happen. After a few hours of noisy bouncing off the walls play I brought out the big gun. Our Dyson vacuum. What is it about little kids that they love a vacuum? Rule one is everything has to be cleaned up, all toys back in the playroom in their proper place. Rule two, DO NOT try to vacuum AJ the beagle. Then I let her have at it while I enjoyed a cup of tea monitoring her progress (making sure she didn't get the beagle). That girl worked herself into a big lunch and and a NAP!!! Oh how I love nap time.

Since we were together for New Years dinner this week we will be blowing off Sunday dinner tomorrow. Instead DD#1 has invited me to an afternoon movie. Should I go seeing as how I am in the middle of a Fiscal Fast? It just so happens a friend gave me a GC to our local theater at Christmas so I am all in!! We have a very slight chance of freezing rain tomorrow but if the roads are clear we are off for some Mommy DD time. DD will take home some nice bean soup, corn bread and desert for her lunch this week.

Our SIL's don't like beans or soup!! Maybe it's how you are brought up? Our girls were eating soup while still in high chairs. Beans....I can't think of too many meals that some sort of bean wasn't on our table. I had planned on using the pressure cooker for the bean soup today but it just didn't feel natural to me. A pot of soup simmering on the stove all day just seems like the right thing to do on this winter day.

I know so many in the US and Canada are experiencing this deep freeze. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm. A few days at home snuggled up with some comfort food and a good book or hand work seems like the perfect way to recharge our batteries.


  1. Fun with kids is the best if it's followed by a nap, right? :) We went to see Hobbit today with Hubby - used a gift card, so it was free :). Free is the best, especially when you are challenging yourself to spend less.

  2. love ham and bean soup, and in this weather nothing tastes as good!!! It's a hibernating day here.

  3. Debby - Do you have a recipe for the skillet corn bread? It looks delicious!