Monday, January 27, 2014

Shopping Just in Case we Get S

 My plan for the day was to get the little girls Valentines shirt done. I had the local news on in the background while I worked away. What? What did he just say? I thought it was the S word, surely not! Last I had heard was we were going to get another Artic blast for a few days but not the S word.
Wanta take a guess what this pile of stash fabric is going to be? Here is a clue, it has to do with budgeting. Maybe I will get around to working on it if we are S in.

I was working away this morning at a nice clip when I overheard the weather man using the S word. As the morning progressed the S word was being used more often. We are all set on the milk, bread, and food supply side of things but one thing I have been putting off was to buy the grands S suits.

I found S suits on line at a big box store for a pretty good price of $18.00 but have been waiting until after the January Low/No spend challenge was over to hit the purchase button. The chance of finding S suits at a reasonable price around town was slim to none. We do have specialty ski shops that carry S suites but at a hefty price. What the heck, it's 60 degrees and sunny, might as well put the sewing aside and enjoy a day on the town.

After 4 different stores none of which were conveniently located in the same area I score 4 S suits for the grands!! Drum roll....all were 75% off!!! If the S should arrive tomorrow our grands will be decked out in warm S suits. They will have to Make Do with their cute rain boots. I couldn't find any S "gubs" (gloves) so the cheap $1.00 a pair from target it is but I am sure the DD's won't let them play outside for long.

Here is the thing about getting S in the south.

We don't ever, ever, use the four letter word for S. If you do its the kiss of death. The S is sure to not show up!

Most of the time we don't get S, Ice is more likely.

If we get anything fun falling from the sky it is normally in March just as the daffodils are showing their pretty little heads. January? Not very often, could be a long winter

The grocery stores are WIPED OUT of milk, bread, and cereal with mention of the S word, beer is sure to run low if it's a weekend.

You can bet 8 out of 10 homes will have a pot of chili on the stove. Some use Pinto beans others use Kidney beans in their chili. We are a kidney bean kinda family. However... in addition I have a pot of Pintos soaking in the fridge, corn bread will be in the iron skillet for sure. AJ the beagle and I like beans, we are expecting no company so it should work out for us.

We can't drive in S, that's because we have very few road crews to deal with the mess. The folks that have relocated from up North think we are nuts huddled in our homes around a pot of chili with beans and a skillet of corn bread. Laugh away suckers, lets see how you hold up in August when it's 105 with humidity at 70%.

Children do NOT SLEEP overnight when they hear the S word. This works out nicely for Mommy's as the kiddo's don't put up a fight the next day when Mom tells them to take a nap no matter what age they are.

Sometimes Nanny's don't sleep well with S on the brain. Each trip to the potty will find us peaking out the windows. I'm just sayin!


  1. We have had so much rain that I do not think there is any moisture left for S, even if it gets cold enough, I am prepared though. Lots of food, stacks of fabric and candles and my treadle Singer in case of power cuts. I use a camping stove when power goes off.

    1. Your all set!! I need to get hubby working on my treadle as well, would love to use it.

  2. I'm in the Piedmont of NC... expecting 1-3 inches. Are you in eastern? My parents and rest of my family are... and they are SO excited!

  3. We are just North of Charlotte NC so we might not get much but something is better than nothing. If it's got to be so darn cold we should at least get something pretty!!

  4. If I never see "S" again it won't be soon enough. We have had more "S" this year than I have ever seen before in the 25 years we have lived in Canada. Can't wait to see what you are going to make tomorrow.

  5. Ha, Gill. I have seen some of the photo's from way up north you guys have been getting hammered!