Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy Beaver Kinda Day

 Up and down, up and down off the step stool all day long yesterday to organize the back pantry
 We are well stocked, really overstocked.
 But our home canned goods are getting mighty low :( hopefully this years garden won't be another bust!
 The kitchen pantry got some TLC as well. I never know what treasures might be hidden in here by the grands, they love playing in the pantry
 I totally blew the Low/No spend challenge today. I just couldn't walk past Lori Holt's "Bake Sale" fabric line one more time. I have been drooling over this fabric for oh so long. Lori is hosting a sew along if anyone is interested in joining in check out her blog!
 Here is one of the many sweet patterns designed by Lori. Can't wait to have the time to get to work on this!!
 Finished up Sassy Little Apron's for our little girls today. Super sweet apron pattern for little or big girls
 What in the world was I thinking doing one more project (really two) while the piles of To Do' and mess is still waiting for me in the sewing room?
 There is a reason for my madness. I wanted to try and use up this fabric that was leftover from the Hot Cocoa Mug table runner I used as backing. I did put a pretty good dent in it but will still have some to store away. It will be fun to see our little girls in their Christmas aprons come December when we start our holiday baking.
This photo doesn't do justice to the cute bake sale fabric spread out on the kitchen counter tonight. Hope to have the time to work on a new apron using this tomorrow.

We have water!!! It took until after 6:00PM yesterday for the repairs to be completed, having that stash of water was sure nice. I still have it setting on my counter just in case. Sure enough they were back at it today but only to clean up the mess in our neighbors yard so the back up water wasn't needed. Hubby and I are researching additional ways to have emergency water on hand!!

After a much appreciated shower today I got hubby a box of goodies in the mail Kara and I made over the weekend before going to the fabric store to purchase the "Mixing It Up" quilt pattern. That's where the trouble began. I was laser focused on finding the pattern then getting OUT but I had to walk by the fabric too get to the display, oh Lord. Maybe just a piece or two. I know I can use scraps and  my stash for the pattern but it seems wrong to not have just a little of the fabric line in the quilt.  Birthday's..... I have some GF Birthdays coming up, they all love play time in the kitchen I could make gifts! SOLD

I did have $60.00 in rewards bucks in addition to a $25.00 gift card that helped but still...$54.00 out of pocket. Of course the car demanded gas on the way home to a tune of $63.00. Post office wanted $21.00.

Well, well...It was a busy as well as a spending kinda day. Tomorrow I am grounded. No matter what else goes on I have to get busy cleaning up the sewing room. I should be aggravated with myself over bringing yet more fabric in this house but I'm not. That's a sure sign of a fabric addiction don't you think?

 I have a couple of  young friends (suckers) who are taking up sewing. What new too sewing lady wouldn't love a nice box of cute fabric all for free I ask you. Filling up a box or two might be the only way I will ever get the sewing room back in order.


  1. Debby, I think you ALWAYS have a busy beaver kind of day :)
    Those aprons are so cute.
    About the fabric, you like it, you can afford it and you make the fabric store owner very happy when they see you coming .
    Can't wait to see what all you do today.

  2. You have a point Rhonda! Ha The thing that makes me nuts is leftovers, I don't waste anything but it's hard to use up all the bits and peices.

  3. Remember nursing homes for lap sized quilts. A fresh cozy quilt would make someone's day brighter!

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