Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5 Fiscal Fast

 Christmas GC's kept me on track today!! I used some from the $25.00 GC to meet buddy's for breakfast this morning. In the afternoon I went with DD#1 and a GF to see "Saving Mr. Banks" Which BTW we all loved!! I have been reading the book for a few weeks, it's a SLOW read...hope it will pick up soon. For the first time I am thinking ever the movie is better than the book (so far)
Some nice piles of piece work I have been working on this cold rainy day.

Day five of the fiscal fast and once again ZERO dollars were spent!! Gotta Love Gift Cards!! Had I not had GC for the activities today I would have passed on both. Our girls and my friends would have understood. They are pretty use to some of my odd ball ways.

It was nice to get out among adults today!! I love the grands with all my heart but sometimes it's nice to get together with big people who I don't have to cut up food for, wipe their nose, remind them of manners, load and unload from car seats.

AJ the beagle and I are settled in on the sofa for some stupid TV under our quilt with the heat bumped up to 68 degrees. We might just hang out here until the next arctic blast has past us by!!!

I don't know how you ladies up North can stand these bone chilling temperatures. A day or two is not too bad but this winter has been a real dozier so far.


  1. Wow... you're doing awesome!! I'm jealous.. i've spent. :( But really, as long as I come in under our much tighter than usual budget, I should be happy.

  2. we were suppose to go see Mr Banks today and forgot!!! but we are early awaiting Downton Abbey now...

  3. I used my gift cards today too! $0.00 spent! LOVE it!

  4. well done of your fiscal fast. It is bone chilling cold up here!!!

  5. I want to see that movie too! I have a ton of movie gift cards (saved up from years past) so maybe I should start using them! :)!