Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Envelope Budget Gone Cute!!

One of my favorite budget fellas is Dave Ramsey. Way back when, I used his advise on setting a budget using the envelope system budget, check it out here.  I upgraded from standard envelopes to one of his envelope wallets after a few years. I worked great but... One of the things I didn't like was to carry all that cash around everywhere I went. I was always afraid I would lose the wallet leaving us flat broke for 2 weeks until the next payday. Another problem for me was I had to pull out the wallet then flip around until I found the envelope I need to pull from. That being said the envelope system got us on track with our spending and savings once and for all!!
With that system in mind I came up with a zippy wallet budget set for our out of control family member. She has NO wiggle room in her budget now that she is on permanent disability. She was deemed unable to take care of her own finances during the disability process, unfortunately the person in charge has no more discipline than she does. Nobody seems to know where the money is going, grrr To change her financial appointee can be done but her checks would be stopped until the paperwork was completed and approved. Once we get her finances under control we will make the change, until then her bank has agreed to help her once a week to track her checking account.
After working the numbers a million times we have what I hope is a workable budget. On Monday's one of the tellers at the bank will help her load her zippy wallets. To help "T" remember which wallet is for what they are fabric coded. This one using mixing bowl fabric is for the grocery store. $50.00 @ week for now. She has yet to be approved for the SNAP program, when/if that happens this cash amount will go down. Whatever is leftover at the end of the week gets dumped in the rainy day jar.
Cars.. you guessed it, gas money -$30.00 @ week, leftovers go in the rainy day jar
Cute cupcake fabric is her gift wallet - $5.00 @ week, by adding $5.00 each week she will have a bit of money put back for BD cards and small gifts during the year.
Christmas fabric for Christmas savings - $5.00 @ week, by Christmas time she should have close to $250.00
Entertainment $10.00 @ week. For now she will continue to add to this wallet every week. What she doesn't spend should hopefully add up to cover the cost of hair cuts, make up, and extras we ladies need. For now there is NO money for clothing :(
I used a jump ring to attach all of the wallets together for her Monday morning banking. Also attached is a clear office ID with her list of what amount goes in which wallet. Instead of having to run around town with the whole she-bang she can just grab the zippy that she needs, the others will be safe at home. I think this system meets the keep it simple stupid test! I also believe cute matters, even if your flat A.. broke.

Sew what do you think? I am excited to finish the final item in her budget kit!! It might not make a hill of beans difference but all I can do is try.

 I was sharing this system/idea over with some friends last weekend, one of the GF's was so excited, she needs a set for her Sister. Her Sister lost her hubby this past summer, my GF is trying everything she can do to get her Sister on a budget without ringing her neck, this cute ring of zippys might keep my GF out of the county jail! Ha

 I had the zippy ring with me yesterday looking for the right color of orange for the gas wallet when a lady approached me asking what I was working on. After explaining to her my delima (not in great detail) she ask if she could order two.....She is trying to help her Mother and Aunt with their spend money now that they are both having some trouble with dementia. She keeps running up against them thinking she is just being bossy. Well...I had not thought about selling them. I gave her my phone number letting her know I would have to figure out a fair price for us both. She wanted to add a couple of more wallets once she thought it out. One for tithing's at church, hair appointments, and bingo money.

I didn't think about using the zippy wallet ring for elderly folks trying to hang on to their independence but these really would work great.

Years before being turned on to Dave Ramsey, I LOVED Larry Burkett's radio show and books. He was affiliated with Crown Ministries before he passed away. Check out their site, they have a TON of information under the Find Help drop down box. Lots of wonderful calculators.

Last but not least we are getting SNOW!! It might not be much when all is said and done but at least the grands got to play in the snow this afternoon. We will be getting more arctic cold overnight, whatever snow we do get will be around for at least one more day, yepee!


  1. They look great! I've done this as well! I like the idea of grabbing singles as well ... I like the idea of the budget wallets but the ones with separate dividers are just soo thick ! :/ Hope this puts her on track!!

  2. Definitely cute! :) I use the pouch you send me last year for change. But that's the only envelope I have :)

  3. Wow, I'm so impressed, the wallets look lovely.

  4. You can so or sew just make me one of these sets. I may quilt but I don't do zippers.

  5. You can so or sew just make me one of these sets. I may quilt but I don't do zippers.

  6. You are always amazing ! I used to use the envelope system which works very well. Hope it all continues upward.

  7. Those are too cute and I sure hope they work for your relative,
    If you wanted to, I think you sell all you could sew up on Etsy

  8. What a great idea, I am going to shamelessly steal it and make a set or three, I have friends who use the envelope system and these would make good presents. Plus as they will come out of my scrap stash will be frugal, I buy zips in bulk from the US, it is roughly half the price for me including shipping.

  9. As a woman who lost her wallet near the beginning of the pay period, what a great idea!

  10. What a wonderful idea! By all means sell those babies. We found Dave Ramsey a couple of months ago and what a difference his program is making in our lives. Good luck with your family member. Mom and I are praying for you. :-)