Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some Sewing

 Mason man's new minky pillow is complete. Can't wait to take it over to him tomorrow
 Four naked rice bags in the requested sizes are also complete. The slip cover's will have to wait until tomorrow. I am done in for the day.
 I have been itching to make a rain poncho from the laminated fabric I got on clearance.
 I made some changes to this Raindrops pattern by "Fig Tree Threads" as my guide
It's oh sew close to being done but my battery is running too low tonight to finish. Lord please let it fit the little girls.

Do you ever have a day that you work from sun up to sun down and wonder where the day went? Today was one of those days, really I have no idea where the hours went. Normal housework, a little sewing, next thing I knew the sun was down and I was ready for my PJ's. I should be able to finish up the rice bags and rain poncho in the morning so I can make the delivery's. After that...I'm not really sure. Maybe tomorrow I will be more in the mood to pick the next project to knock out . For tonight it's a cup of tea, a cookie or two, while hanging out with AJ the beagle under a warm quilt.


  1. love the poncho, those grandchildren of yours are so lucky to have a Nanny like you!