Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slow Sunday

 Stash BE GONE!! Can't wait to try these new 1930 retro aprons on the little girls.
 I bought this pattern some time ago but it seems like sew many other things to be set aside to some day. In keeping with the No/Low spend challenge this month I am working hard to USE UP what I have on hand.  The pattern book has sizes 4-12 along with a doll pattern, so worth the price knowing I can make lots more as the little girls continue to grow
There was spending today. I have been trying very hard to dive by Barnes and Noble, not looking back but today I gave in. I bought these two books to send on to "T" our irresponsible family member. I have some other items I still need to whipped up to put in the box that I can only hope might inspire her to get it together.

Here is my Mini review of the 1,000.00 Challenge. Not paid BTW!!

It's a fun book. He is right on with his tips using humor to keep your attention. Did I learn anything new? Na, his tools and advice are in step with what we already do but it was a great read following along on the journey he and his family were on. If you are new to getting your financial house in order but think it's just to hard and boring I would recommend this book.

After getting done what had to be done today AJ the beagle and I hit the sofa with the $1,000.00 book only moving when nature called. I don't do stress well, for a few days I can get by but after a few weeks I crash and burn. Today was the crash day, I don't want to burn!! We have had our dinner, kitchen is back in order, trash to the curb. A cup of tea the second book and I are headed to the bed.

Nothing better than a day off to recharge the batteries, get your head and heart back where they belong to start a new week of yet more COLD weather.


  1. Oh boy, we must share a family member. I have finally realized you can't make anyone change. The only option is to change your own behavior. As hard as it has been, I no longer give money. I am happy to provide groceries or a warm coat but with husband retired and me working part time things had to change! Debby, I so enjoy reading your blog, your down to earth common sense approach to life is refreshing.

  2. I agree those aprons are gorgeous and I love the material.

  3. Oh Debby I so know how you feel about the S!!!!!! I'm here in stone cold LI,NY. We're looking at more tonight! I'm so done. I can't get my feet warm! Have been dressed in layers. The temp was a high 19 degrees today.
    The aprons are so cute!!! BTW the challenge has been great!!! Have been spending but only for the necessary. What a difference this month has been.

    I feel for you with your family member. Please try and not let it stress you out... Slow deep breathing to relax really does help.