Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shaggy Heart Part 2

 Blogger has been giving me fits lately when I try to download photo's, not sure what that's all about!

 Go back to the previous Shaggy Heart 1 post to get started.

Here is what the heart will look like with the channels cut. Again don't use white thread! Ha
 I attached a binding to mine but it should work if you do a straight stitch around the heart followed by a zig zag stitch. BTW I haven't tried it that way!! Now here comes the magic. Throw it in the wash. Make sure and use a color catcher if you are washing other things with it as the red might bleed. Follow up with the dryer.
 Your heart should turn out looking something like this, again red thread would have looked better and a pink base, but I wanted you to see the process and stitching! You may have to comb the red fabric a bit (I used a finger nail brush) and trim off any long threads from the red to get the chenille shaggy look.
I was too lazy to walk upstairs to get one of my shirts so I just used one of the grands shirts I was getting ready to work on. You want your heart to be in proportion to the shirt you will sew it on. I like to use light weight Wonder Under too iron appliques in place before I sew them down, seems to work better for me than pins.

You don't need anything other than a regular sewing machine and basic presser foot to make this applique!! Just straight stitching, cutting, a washer and dryer.

Rather than let the sample go to waste I might use some of the leftover dye I have from Karsyn's shirt too dye the white background and thread a nice pink then tack it down on a shirt of mine for Valentines day. I am doing more and more of the tacking down method when I put holiday things on the grands shirts. They grow so darn fast!  I can use a white shirt over and over again by changing out the holiday applique. I hope to finish the little girls shirts today as I won't be getting Kara. Our roads are still just to bad to travel on. The back roads are a solid sheet of ice.

We were much luckier than Alabama and Georgia with the recent snow storm in that our schools closed early before the snow started to fall. I would be frantic having our kiddo's stuck on a bus in sub zero temperatures sitting on a freeway. What the h.. were the school systems thinking!!!! God bless the Teachers who stayed behind with students who couldn't get home. Our temperatures should be back in the 60's this weekend!! Just in time for the kiddo's to have make up Saturday school for the next two weeks.

It's time for the morning coffee and a bite to eat before the day begins. Gotta use this free day wisely