Saturday, January 11, 2014

Girl Time

 It's been too long since I had the little girls alone for the day.
 No day at Nanny's would be complete without some baking. Today's treat was chocolate chip cookies. A nice box too send to our Papaw, a bag for each of our "famowy's" and of course we had to eat a few (Lot) fresh from the oven
 Art work to send along with the cookies for Papaw
Lot and lots of baby doll play.
Kara - Sissy my baby gots a bobo
Karsyn - I fix her up
Lots of doctoring going on by Karsyn
Karsyn - here you go Kara, you baby is all better
Kara - Tanks doctor Karsyn
Karsyn - You welcome, just doing my job

I try not to laugh out loud at their chatter but "Just doing my job" had me falling off the chair laughing. Karsyn wanted to know what was wrong with me. Nothing sweet girl your just too cute. They both left the family room, Karsyn telling Kara "Nanny is cuckoo"

 Before constructing the cocoa mug table runner I figured it would be better to do the hand sewing first.
It's so nice to just SIT after a full day with the little ladies doing some hand sewing. Sew Blessed

Now that DD#1 has returned to work I don't have the opportunity to get the little girls together as often as I would like. What a joy to see them holding hands in their car seats on the way to our home this morning for as Karsyn calls it "Girl Time"  I spent most of my time dressing or undressing babies. The girls love to change their diapers but have trouble getting the clothes back on. The girls decided the babies needed a closet for their clothes. Kara's suggestion was "How bout you closet Nanny?" Ah, NO!! The new baby doll closet is conveniently located on the bottom rack of Nanny's bakers shelf in the kitchen. I am going to have to begin brain storming a DYI baby doll closet. American Girl has a really nice one but the price...not nice! Maybe a trip to Ikea is in order.

I am really and truly dog tired tonight. The little girls are a whole lots easier to keep up with most days now that they are 3 years old but getting up and down off the floor for various "probwens" is not as easy as it was 35 years ago when our first DD was born! Learning all the new Micky Mouse Club dances...I may need an oxygen tank in the near future.

The SIL's are all about the football games tomorrow. Due to the noise volume when all the grands  and family are together we are skipping Sunday dinner this week so the big boys can enjoy their day.

I think AJ the beagle are going to try our hand at organizing the kitchen/back pantry tomorrow. Reading Carla's post on her new bakers racks has inspired me!! While I am at it in need to do a pantry/freezer inventory. Brenda shared her experience with preparedness during the winter storm last week. Her post reminded me I need to keep a shopping list handy if we should ever need to do an emergency run to the grocery store. Thanks ladies for keeping me on my toes when sitting on the sofa would sure be nice! Ha


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. I can't wait to have my grandboys back again. I am going to try for the March School Break again.

  3. Sounds like a great day with your grands! I need to take inventory of my freezer as well !!