Friday, January 17, 2014

Day Two Of Sewing Room Clean Up

 Another counter of disaster! There are way too many WIP, UFOs, and To Do's on this counter to work through before I cleaned up. I will begin prioritizing all of them once I get this room back in order.
 Batting scraps seem to multiply over night. I piled them up to start sorting
 Large enough pieces for baby quilts are now folded on the bottom, table runner/craft pieces on top of that with small sizes in the basket/ Maybe this will stay tidy for a day at least.
 I have been digging around, throwing around, and generally making a mess of things when searching for iron on interfacing, wonder under, iron on batting, and all that jazz. Can you tell?
 I found that I keep too many tiny pieces in attempts to be frugal, they are now gone. Chalk board and clear vinyl are wrapped around a swimming noodle, ditto for the other specialty interfacing that I don't use much. Large pieces of iron on batting and wonder under are folded and stacked neatly. Craft size of both are in a basket. Sure hope this will help when I am looking for a bit of this or that
 Notions drawer is back in working order.
 Ditto for the color sorted scraps as well as the holiday fabric. My scrap tubs are full to the brim. When I have the time I need sort them to make sure I am not hanging on to useless pieces.
All better now. A tub of To Do's are all that's left on the counter.
Holy Cow I knew things were up side down in the sewing room but I had no idea how deep that mess was. I need to declare a use up the scraps month soon as I have so darn much of it in every color and size. I do like having the scraps to use for appliqueing but there is way more than I will ever use for that.
Kara and Mommy had a stomach bug yesterday. A day in the bed for them gave me an unexpected full day to concentrate on the sewing room. It will take a couple of more days to reach the end of this journey as I still have the closet and fabric to work on but they are in pretty good shape (I think). Decluttering and getting things back in order feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
During breaks in the madness I finished up a second apron along with a good start on a cookie jar cozy. DD#1 has an order in for Mason a minky pillow case and a rice bag for one of Tyler's buddies  who has a pinched nerve. There seems to be an endless list of sewing everyday, good thing I LOVE it sew!! Ha
Looking forward to getting my pint size buddy back today as I miss her nutty personality around the house. AJ the beagle and I can get a bit board just the two of us hanging out together for too many days. A day of toddler play is just what I need to relive some of the stress that has come our way lately. Nothing like playing hide and seek to put life back in perspective!!


  1. Love the idea with the interfacing and batting. I'm in the process of cleaning out our finished attic room and setting up my sewing room. You've inspired me! We kept our grands quite a bit last year and we miss having them around now that we don't see them everyday! They do keep you on your toes!

  2. Can you come over to my house?? Debbie did I ask you what canner you specifically use for your glass top stove-water canner I mean?

  3. You are doing good- making wonderful progress! I am so proud of you- I need to do the same thing. You are way ahead of me now- xo Diana

  4. Thanks for sharing, Debbie! Whew! Cleaning may be a daunting task to some, but they should realize that it is also necessary in order to keep their place sanitary. Good to know that you were able to do so much, just don't forget to rest, okay? Next cleaning project, maybe you can visit trusted suppliers of cleaning kits to aid you.

    Bo Tolbert @ HJSSupply

  5. That's a lot of cleaning in store for you then. Heh. Especially with fabrics and pieces of garment, with all the dangling strings and loose threads in tow. I'm sure you'll pull through though, long as you got the ample vacuum cleaner.

    Deidra Shaefer @ Minuteman