Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Problem With Buttons

 I brought down a few more projects from the sewing island yesterday morning.  It was hard to pick which one to do since I like them all. I decided to go with a kit for an oversize Snowman pillow. Kara loves "Snowmen's", she might enjoy a new pillow at nap time.
 The instructions called for fiber fill to stuff the pillow once completed. Well now there were three problems with that. If I use fiber fill I wouldn't be able to wash the pillow when it gets dirty. Trust me it will get dirty! I wanted use a slipcover method. The other problem was that I didn't have nearly enough fiber fill to do a pillow this large. I didn't want to spend money on fiber fill seeing as how I am determined to do well in the Low/No spend January challenge. I remembered I had put back a couple of old king size pillows when we got new ones a year or so ago. I knew I could "Make Do". Making Do equals saving money!
 All was going slow but well in the pillow making department until I started digging in my supplies for tiny little black buttons. GRRR Ok, how much can on package of tiny buttons cost? I am going to have to hit the sewing center. I went in the store focused, no way was I going to wander around, get the buttons and get out, and they were on sale for $1.55!! SCORE
 Then the danger started. As I was getting ready to check out the manager ask if I had seen the $2.52 a yard sale table? Nope I am trying to use up what I have, no more fabric!! You might want to take a peek as the waterproof/laminated fabric you were wanting for rain poncho's is on the table. WHAT!!!! The fabric is regular priced $19.99, that's why I haven't made the little girls rain poncho's. Sure enough there were two rolls left. Feeling just a teeny tiny bit of guilt we checked to see how much was left on the rolls. I took it all, 5 1/2 yards of the blue, 3 1/2 yards of the black at 60 inches wide. Some days I stink at the whole No/Low spend stuff. But a bargain is a bargain, gotta strike when the iron is hot, in this case when the fabric is just about free!!
 King size snowman pillow is complete.
Button eye's and all.
Total damage at the fabric store $20.15. I am just not going to beat myself up over the spending. Someday hopefully soon the little girls will be wearing new rain poncho's that will be cute as all get out at a super low price. It's way to cold to think about spring rain coats right now but by spring maybe I will have the sewing island cleaned off enough to tackle the poncho pattern. I have no idea how much fabric is needed, I bought the pattern a LONG time ago.
Next project on the cutting board I know won't need any buttons, batting, thread or anything else. Just cut, sew, stay warm, and save my money.  If I can keep my spending for the month at $20.00 a week I would be a happy camper, ZERO spending would be better but realistically it ain't gonna happen!
Time to pick up my rascal for the day, we should be able to get out of the house this morning for some outdoor play as our temperatures should be in the 40's. Who would have thought in the south we would celebrate 40 degree weather!! Ha.


  1. That is sooo cute! Love the pillow! The pattern with the mugs looks *adorableI!!* Does it show you each block? Where'd you get it? I *want*! lol!!

  2. Hey, a $20 damage at a fabric store is not bad at all!!! :)