Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slow Sunday

 I have had a hankering to make these mini design boards for a long time. I get hot, I get hot often. When I am working on a quilt block with the ceiling fan going on high those little quilt pieces go flying everywhere. It's easy for me to forget which pieces goes where and what way. Keeping everything on one of these design boards should solve both problems and they are pretty darn cute. Check out Lori's tutorial here to make a few for yourself. I only made one change with mine. I hate the feel of batting, gives me creeps. Instead I used white flannel on my boards, so soft and cozy. Now I am wanting to work on new quilt blocks so I can try these out!
 Requested rice bags, complete. I got smart this time and made and additional 6 bags without covers. Next time someone wants one in a special color it will be easy to make the slip cover and move on.
Tomorrow morning fun will be to build a block from the "Mix it Up" quilt pattern.

Am I the only person on the face of the earth that has to vacuum every single day? Grrr Minky fabric, AJ the beagle running in and out on what felt like a spring day left the floors a mess once again. No more minky for me for awhile!!

I had Karsyn try on the rain poncho tonight when I delivered DD#1 a batch of soup from a new recipe I will share at the end of this post. Karsyn was not impressed with my sewing endeavors. She was VERY put out that the rain coat didn't have sleeves, sigh... Back to the drawing board. I will see how Kara feels about the poncho before I make any changes. Maybe adding slits on the sides for Karsyn's arms will work. Dog gone it I have a TON of this fabric along with a second one in yellow and black that I need to figure out something to do with. Any idea's?

On to the recipe. Friday night I went to dinner with my sister, BIL, and cousins from out of town to Carrabba's. As much as I love a salad to start a meal I can't eat them in a restaurant due to the preservatives. I decided to try a soup I had never had before "Carrabba's Spicy Sicilian Chicken Soup". YUM!!

WARNING if you want to try out the recipe DO NOT add 2 tablespoons of white pepper as the recipe suggests, one tablespoon might even be too much!! Holy crap batman talk about hot, almost too hot to eat. Also 2 pounds of pasta was way too much as I was using what I had on hand "Bow Tie pasta" Other than those changes that need to be made this is a really good soup. I love finding new yummy recipes that I can use our dehydrated foods with. Interesting that the recipe says the prep time is 45 minutes cook time 2-3 hours. Using dehydrated veggies I had the pot going in maybe 15 minutes. Gotta love that.

The one thing I did purchase was celery. I was down to a small jar of dehydrated celery left in the pantry, used it up on the soup. After checking the on line sale flyer seeing that celery was on sale for $.89 cents, that's 1/2 off I had to run to the grocery!! Wohoo I will be chopping and dehydrating celery tomorrow, I bought 8 bunches. I will share the magic our dehydrator does with celery this week.

It's a book and bed for AJ the beagle and I. The sun will be back up in no time.


  1. Rice bags & minky would be wonderful.. I should make one for my son! It gets chilly downstairs!! And yes, Minky is horrible sometimes, the rosette stuff is even *worse* if you can imagine... lol!!

  2. I do that too with the rice bags...make a few and keep them for later. great idea to put color around the small boards..