Friday, January 3, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

 We spent the morning packing up and labeling our wreathes. Tomorrow I am going to once again break the Fiscal Fast to purchase one more container while they are available
 Our Fall wreath was WAY too big to fit in the containers. I will have to keep my eye open for a bigger container next year as these small inexpensive ones just won't cut it
 Chicken dinner! It was so darn cold here this morning. A bone chilling  9 degrees with the wind chill. I wanted to make something warm and comforting at the same time try a new recipe. We went with Crock Pot Chicken Marsala. I only made three changes to the recipe. First I browned the chicken in a bit of olive oil as I don't like the looks of some meats done in a crock pot. They seem a little naked to me. I used 1/2 the amount of Marsala wine and doubled the chicken broth as we don't care much for the wine taste in food. The last change was I didn't add the heavy cream at the end for two reasons. Sometimes the cream feels a bit too heavy, we didn't have any in the house and I was determined not to spend any money today!!
We really liked this dish, easy to put together, hearty, and everything was in the pantry or freezer so no spending!! Winner, Winner!!

Finally on day 3 of the fiscal fast I pulled off a no spend day! It's about time! Ha

Kara and I did venture out to the dive up window of the bank for my weekly household spending money. I still have not received the pin number for my new debit card so the window it was. The teller let me know if I came inside they could take care of the pin number for me but as cold as it was and as feisty as Kara was I figure I will hit the bank to get the debit card up and running next week when I don't have one of the grands in tow.

Kara was wide open today, keeping up with her was all I managed to do. I sooo hope tomorrow it will warm up a little as that gal needs to have a good run to burn off some energy. Holy cow, she can be a handful when she has been locked inside for many days.

Our plan for tomorrow is to do some baking, give bean soup a try in the pressure cooker, and run around the yard or maybe a trip to the park. That girl needs to get out in the fresh air. I had planned on working in the scrap/sewing room tonight as it is once again in a huge mess. Instead here I sit on the sofa with AJ the beagle a cup of tea and the remote control ready to switch around between the two bowl games that will be on. Hey it's Friday night, kicking up my heel's has a different definition after chasing Kara around all day. My heels are propped up on a pillow for a badly needed rest!


  1. Good job with the wreaths. Yes, once the containers are gone, there won't be any more until next year. Your chicken dish looks delish!

  2. I think those wreath containers are a really nice idea. At this house we don't put up wreaths outside as its too exposed to the weather.

  3. Great job on the no spend! Not easy when you are watching the grandkids! :)!