Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shaggy Heart Part 1

 I have a friend who ask for a simple pattern/instructions for a homemade Valentines shirt. I hope this will do the trick. We will make a shaggy heart applique.

Start with a heart pattern the size you want. I used my Circut for the pattern. Now pick out a base color. I went with white so you might understand/see the process better.
Cut a square of your base fabric a bit large than the heart. I would use pink as my base next time :)
 Now cut 4 or five pieces of red fabric the same size as your base fabric
Stack all of the fabric together with the base fabric on the bottom

 Sew the fabric stack together with a straight stitch spaced every 1/2 to 1 inch. Next is the be VERY  hard part! Use your scissors to cut down each channel cutting ONLY the red fabric. This takes time, go slow so you don't cut into your base fabric!!
 Once you cut all of the channels it should look like this. BTW I used white thread to make my channels, red would be much better!
Once the channels are cut flip the fabric over then trace and cut out your heart.

GRRRR, blogger won't upload the rest of the photo's!!! Next post I will finish showing you how :(

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