Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One BIG job is in the Books

 Remember this mess on my sewing room island? I made up my mind not to just move projects to another area making more piles of UFO's, WIP. or want To Do projects. Finally after lots of sewing since the holiday's are over the island is back in working order.
 Fat quarters are looking a bit more tidy
 Quilts of Valor fabric along with some white background fabric got some attention
 Drawer of charm packs ready to be played with
 A shelf of over flow charm packs along with layer cakes. Note to self, Stop buying both until I work these items down!!
 I need to find some patterns to use up these jelly rolls before any more jump into my cart.
 The island is now clear, well almost clear. Tonight I am working on my pattern notebooks and old magazines. I doesn't take long for things to back up.
 One of the few last things To Do on that island was Christmas tee shirts that have seen better days. They are now cut down and stored in my Christmas project container to use on a Christmas Tee shirt quilt one of these days.
 After doing all that hard work I took a break to finish up the apron I cut out last night. 
It's a simple pattern I made a few years ago when I couldn't find a good working apron pattern. I wanted something wide enough on the top to cover up the Ta-Ta's, long enough hang to my knee's, waist ties that would be adjustable for any size or shape with room for growth spurts. It's a work horse of an apron. Making this working apron with cute fabric adds to the pleasure. I love cute aprons and have lots of pattrens to show for it!! But for everyday kitchen duty this is my go to apron.

Me Oh My, I am done in for the day. I started working on the second area needing a whole bunch of TLC late this afternoon in the sewing room. I need to STOP hanging on to so many little bits and pieces of batting, stabilizers, interfacing, wonder under, and such. It's one thing to be frugal but there is a point where it's just hoarding junk scraps. I unloaded that junk today and not too pass on to some other poor sucker. It si now in the trash where it should have been all along.

So far I am finding no other Stuff that I don't still like, love, or is useful other that the crazy messy corner I began clearing out tonight. Forcing myself to "DO" all of the things piled among leftover bits and pieces, things I didn't have time to return to their proper places, and all that jazz feels pretty darn good. Now if I can continue for the rest of the month "DOING" as I am cleaning and organizing in the sewing room I just might have a nice stack of finished items by the end of the month.

I have one of the rug rats tomorrow, Kara to be exact so I won't have a full day to devote to my little room of sin. Kara would have a field day among all my Stuff much of which could be dangerous to little ones. If there is something dangerous to get into it's a good bet this is the bugger that will find it!!

Anyone else on a mission to tackle an area in your life/home that needs some intense work? What is it about January that seems to get so many ladies fired up to get their ducks in a row?


  1. LOL- Your room of SIN! What the heck are you DOING in that room besides sewing and sorting and stuff? You are too funny.

    Enjoy the day with your Kara. I LOVE that apron-it does look like a real work horse. xo Diana

  2. Your apron is beautiful. I love making aprons-in fact I've got one cut out already but I need to figure out how to attach the eyelet trim better around a heart shape!

  3. Your apron is so cute! I love the ideas of the christmas shirts. I do that with my husbands shirts from his travels.

    I did that 10 day challenge and It went great! With that I have been cleaning out the cupboards and that has me motivated to move on to cleaning closets. Not much sewing going on but that's ok. I'm getting something done.