Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 6

 We started at 42 degrees yesterday morning. Knowing that was the high for the day I got out the door early to complete my errands then back home to put on a crock pot of beef stew. Last summer a neighbor gifted me a branch of Bay leaves. I love having yet another everyday spice dehydrated fresh from the garden in the panrty.
 I picked up the little girls 2 outfits each during the 60% off sale at Gymboree's pre Christmas sale but haven't had time to embellish the shirts yet. I was thinking this would be a good project to work on while locked in the house on this cold winter day. Things started out rocky when one of my containers of thread spilled,  :( what a mess
 I can't for the life of me hoop a large design on the little one's shirts so I decided to make the applique first then sew it on the shirts with the regular sewing machine.
 Once sewn on I liked them OK but they seemed to be missing something.
 Back to the embroidery machine. I picked a little flower border to add to the bottom. This time I had to hoop the shirt the best I could.
 I was off by about a 1/2 an inch in centering the border under the milk shake glass but still it turned out cute.
 Kara picked out the design last week but I know Karsyn will like it too as she loves anything PINK.
 The next set DD#1 wanted to be a bit more plain. She sent me a pin of what she had in mind and picked out the fabric. This one is Karsyn's
And one for Kara using white popcorn minky fabric.

Along with the sewing I wrapped our outdoor spicket's with some old towels and duct tape. Sure hope it worked as I couldn't get the hoses detached they were on so tight :( I went ahead and wrapped the ends of the hoses as well. If the hoses burst it's no big deal I just wanted to protect the pipes!!!

Our schools are on a 2 hour delay today due to the bitter cold weather we are having. Seems silly to me to even bother with school at all as the temperature will still only be around 5 degrees by then. It's setting at -2 with the wind chill right now. That is CRAZY cold for the south. I know people in the North think we are nuts to change the school schedule for nothing more than cold weather however there are many good reasons for the madness.

This is the south. Our homes and businesses were not built for this kinda cold weather. Our pipes and heat just won't hold up all of the time. Our buses tend to not start and tend to break down along roads in this cold weather. To me the biggest good reason of all is there are so many children who just don't have the clothes for sub zero cold. There is no doubt some kids would be at the bus stop with nothing more than a hoodie on.

When we lived up North in various places our girls had winter coats. Of course hats, gloves, and snow suites were also a must have, in fact I made sure they each had two sets of everything. One to wear the other to wash and dry. Not so here, for the most part I can get by with a windbreaker in the winter. I have had it on my mind since fall I need to order snow suites for the grands as our fall was unusually cold this year. Come Thursday morning I am putting in an order for each of them some snow overalls. We just might get lucky and have snow this year for at least a day!! A girl can wish!

Oh ya, the spending? A big old goose egg today. Not hard to do when you stay at home! Ha
Hope everyone is safe and warm during this winter blast of cold weather, it's a great time to get the 101 little put off projects completed.


  1. I haven't spent anything since Saturday but it is too cold to go anywhere!
    Cute clothes for your grand girls!

  2. Love the thread pic... looks like a "new camera" photo? ;) Yes, it's crazy cold here, -40c though! lol! Schools have been closed for 2 days now... we'll see what they do tomorrow as temps are supposed to be -30c. So a bit better!!