Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine Day Shirts

 Here is another Valentines Day tee shirt idea. Lets pretend that the red heart is fabric, pink would be cute as well. Now pretend that you sew white Ric Rack evenly spaced on the heart. Add some wonder under to the back, iron on to your shirt, finish with a blanket or satin stitch. How easy is that?
 I had this idea of conversation candy hearts in my head for our little girls Valentine shirts. I need to use my embroidery machine more often! Finding the time to take the class on the software would have made the shirts sew much faster but...They only run the classes the first Monday evening each month. I just HATE to be out and about at night :( It's close to an hour to the shop, a three hour class then another hour home beginning at 7:00 PM is just too much for me. I think I am going to see what they would charge for a one on one class. During the day I could absorb a whole heck of a lot more in the three hours
Nothing to this shirt.

 Cut three hearts using scraps.
I added Hugs, Kiss Me, and Be Mine to the hearts with the embroidery machine, you could do the lettering with a needle and thread as well.
 I satin stitched  the edge of each heart
Then sewed the three hearts together
Add Wonder Under to the back then iron on to the shirt
Finished up with a long basting stitch to attach.
A baby hair bow pinned to the neck finished it off.

I picked these shirt up at Target, can't remember the price but I do know I didn't pay much for them. If all goes well (nobody washes the shirt with a red table cloth!) I will take the applique off and store them in my holiday fabric tub for next year. The shirt will then be used for St Patricks Day shirts.

I think I am done with Valentines Day projects other than putting together gift bags for our big girls.We are going with a family themed gift this year. They will each get a cute bag with a family friendly DVD, microwave popcorn, cute box of homemade cookies, and a bag of Valentine M&M candy. Buying something for each of the Grands and big kiddo's is just too costly. We need to start doing more family gifts as our gang seems to grow each year. Hubby will be getting the same thing in the mail. Me..I hope to have my wedding band resized so I can get it back on my finger where it belongs!!

I have one more day this month to work on another sewing project of some sort. It will have to be fast and easy as I will get Miss Kara back tomorrow. I think the Rainy Day Jar for the family member will win out as I want to get everything in the mail first thing next week.

Next post will be a wrap up of January goals, the good, bad, and ugly. More good than ugly, thankfully!! Did anyone else set goals for January? How did you do?

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