Friday, January 17, 2014

Day Three Sewing Room Clean up

 I don't know why the heck you need so many different rulers for quilting but there you have it. You need them. I have mine hanging on the inside of the sewing rooms closet door on an old shoe/purse rack. I pulled them all out thinking I might have two triangle rulers as well as to get them back in some order.
 Sure enough I had two duplicate rulers :( These babies don't come cheap! How the heck this happened is beyond me. These extras will be passed on to a GF who is just getting into sewing again after many, many years.
 I am trying SOOOO hard to not buy a bunch of sewing books but it's hard, oh so hard. After pulling everything out I was able to downsize a little. My pattern binders have been updated as well. All that's left is to go over a stack of magazines to see if I want to pull anything out before I pass them on to goodwill.
Two books I have no need for are going to a new home. It might not be much but every little bit of decluttering helps.

 For some reason my photo's are not loading correctly tonight :( Moving on. Kara found my stack of little dog/puppy sweaters I bought at after Christmas sales for $.39 cents each to donate to our Humane Society thinking they were new hats for the Bitty Babies. By golly they do fit other than the holes on each side where the dogs legs go.
 Kara couldn't understand that the sweaters were for dogs, how do they work. A short time later AJ the beagle was sprinting out of the play room with Kara hot on her heels trying to get that sweater on. Poor AJ. After letting AJ outside to calm her nerves I sat Kara down with me at the sewing machine for some repurposing. Two quick seams later the Bitty babies have hats with no leg holes.
I still have lots of sweaters too pass on to the Humane Society

 Sew what do you think of this cookie jar cozy? I just love it to death!! Well other than the lettering which will be done in print next time. The cursive just doesn't do it for me. The directions for this little jewel is a bonus included in the "Mix it Up" pattern by Bee in My Bonnet. Lorie has a new book coming out, head over to her blog for a sneak peek!!!! Her Granny along was so much fun. I need to get my quilt quilted this year. Her new book might just be the kick start I have been needing
The back is just as cute as the front. Won't these make great gifts filled with home baked cookies? I really stink at piecing 1  1/2 inch squares but working as slow as a snail it didn't turn out too bad. The gallon jar is from Wally world if I remember right they were around $5.00 each The lid is spray painted with paint I had in the garage. Dear scrap bins you are sew going to be used up on more of these cute jars.

Kara and I had such a fun day today, she was a total joy to be with. Now that her hearing is 100%, her speech is improving by leaps and bounds, her behavior is the difference between night and day. She is still busy as a beaver but the bad behavior we all felt was related to her hearing problems has just about vanished. Good health insurance and great Dr's are such a blessing!

SIL#2 has the weekend off, therefore so do I!! Two full days to get some doing done. The sewing room will get some more attention, we have a bookcase that needs some major TLC, maybe more decluttering around the house and some sewing.....

I have two projects I want to knock out for DD#1, a quilt to sandwich and pin, pull together tax info that has been coming in, and maybe more sewing!!

I would love to get more done from the project bin. Stay focused, stay focused. Well see how that works out!

BTW Barb ask what water bath canner I use. We have a stainless steel "Ball" canner. They run more than the typical Ball canner but worth every penny. I have found over the years that I can't get more than 3 or 4 years from the everyday canner before rusts starts developing on the bottom.

Time to get that wish list written along with some book time before the day ends


  1. Quilting rulers are far from cheap! And yes, they're a pain to store as well.. lol! I'm going to go through my books and pick out a few projects to work on as well... :) Love the cookie jar "cozy" thingy!!

  2. Wow that is crazy you have to have so many quilting rulers to quilt; wish my MIL & SIL were still living as they could have each taught me so much.

  3. Hi, I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and love hearing your activities for the day. One thing I must say is how much I admire your ability to plan and complete several projects, babysit, bake dozens of cookies and clean the pantry all in one day! I want your energy. LOL Thanks for all of the tips too!