Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 Fiscal Fast

 This is just a tiny part of my messy sewing room. As I started to clean up this week I decided as I run into a "To Do" I would "To Do" it now. Seems crazy to keep organizing and moving around projects. It might take weeks to clear off this cabinet but in this cold weather I will be sitting in the house until the thaw gets here!!
 One of the "To Do's" on the cabinet was minky fabric to make more rice bags. Talk about a messy job!! Can you see all the fuzz?
 Even the cutting board had to be washed down due to fuzz
 I used up about 70% of the printed minky fabric making rice bags. Once I ran out of muslin fabric the minky was put away. At least I used most of it up and I can get a special request for rice bags in the mail!! One less thing on the cabinet.
Another hanging around on the cabinet project was Christmas fabric and scraps to make more Christmas quilts for 2014. Hard to tell from this photo, these are the beginnings of over 100 blocks. Simple easy no thinking piece work. The best part today was ironing all of these!! Standing over a hot iron was pretty nice in this cold weather.

Day 7 the last day of the fiscal fast was a success!! Zero spending today!! Due to the rocky start on the first two days I am going to do two make up days soooo no spending around our place until Friday. Even then I am still in on Carla's No/Low spend challenge. I hope to keep our spending super low. The savings accounts need some LOVE!!

To keep me busy and off the streets I am going enjoy staying put in our warm house. I plan on continuing to work on "To Do's" piled on the sewing room cabinet.. There is not telling what treasures are buried in the rubble.

How are the rest of you staying warm this week? Are you hunkered down with coffee/tea and a good book? Maybe lots of long winter naps?  Both sound pretty darn good to me


  1. You did awesome Debby!!! :)!! What beautiful rice bags!
    I thought I would use today as a 'no spend' to make up for my daughter's birthday (even though I didn't actually spend real cash), but I have to order a book for my son for school, and I want to stop off at BJ's for some chicken on my way home from work. I'm pretty happy with how much I've 'saved' by not spending. I'm hoping I don't blow it all in the next couple of days!

  2. Great rice bags!!!! Trying to say warm here in NY 0 then 9 then 20 degrees. Tomorrow i think it's to be 30 something. Everyday abit better. The challenge has been good. 3.85 is what we spent. $2.00 for a hose part for the windshield fluid...needed then 1.85 for ginger root for tea needed for my arthritis...very needed. So $3.85 for 7 days I think that good. I'm thinking maybe 1 week every month doing this. What do you think? This is a good way of saving too.

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  4. Hi Debby, you continue to amaze me with all you do.

    I opened and used the rotating cutting mat for the first time last night.
    It is just amazing! Thank you posting about it as I had never heard of them, I will use mine often and will think about and thank you everytime.