Friday, January 10, 2014

Cutting Up Kinda Day

 I should have put a link to this Snowman pattern yesterday!! You can purchase the pattern here. It's a really simple quick project with great instructions. I used flannel fabric on mine, it's soft and cuddly but still machine washable.
 While Kara bounced around the house today I started cutting fabric to work on some quilt blocks. Holy Cow, a whole bunch of cutting was going on!! 22 different cuts to be exact for just two blocks! Once I read the pattern over I knew I would need to organize the many pieces needed to complete the blocks. Zip lock baggies to the rescue.
 I am using mostly Kate Spain's "In From The Cold" fabric line but substituting some fabric from my stash (No/Low spend month remember). I decided I don't want to make a quilt at this time sew I am making a few changes to the pattern to create a winter table runner. This block is of one of the large mugs. If I counted correctly there are 19 pieces to this block, lots of tiny pieces.
 And a small mug. The pattern is a little confusing to me but if you take it slow the blocks are not hard to do and come together really fast. The worst part is doing all that cutting!!!!
I think it's going to be a really cute runner once I figure out how I want to put it together. While looking for the pattern so I could post the link if anyone is interested in making the quilt I ran into the pattern for FREE, humm. I paid $10.00 for my copy but it looks like at some point Moda had a free on line pattern, here is the link..

I know some folks will do an on line "quilt along" using designers patterns. I just won't do that. Designers work hard creating patterns, it seems unfair and illegal I might add to share their designs. I am surprised Moda offered the pattern for free. Oh well it was worth the $10.00 I paid for it back in the spring

It's been a LONG day. I expect tomorrow will be another LONG day.  Time to hit the sack for me. BTW I am in NO WAY compensated by any company's when I share links or information on patterns, fabrics, or whatever. Just sharing info some of you might be interested in.

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