Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dehydrating with my Side Kick

 Table topper is complete, love it!
 One of the many small task Kara and I worked on yesterday was to save this shirt of Karsyn's.The shirt was Karsyn's Thanksgiving shirt, DD#1 made and error in the laundry room by putting the shirt in with a red table cloth, it is now a nasty color of pink!! I took the turkey applique off the shirt then did a hot water bath with the bright pink dye. On to picking out a new applique to put on the recycled shirt. To be continued.
 Another To Do was get this celery cleaned, chopped, and dehydrated
 Kara's job was to keep me company and be the taste tester. The grands will eat just about any raw veggie as long as they have some dip, in this case it was ranch dip.
 Celery ready to shrivel up and dry.
 After maybe 12 hours in the dehydrator it was ready to be put away
Four bunches of celery equals 1 pint of dehydrated celery. I LOVE our dehydrated foods!! Putting together a soup, casserole, or whatever other veggie that needs to be chopped can be throw together with no effort.

Holy Hannah is it ever cold here again!! The wind is just brutal. I am spending the day in the warm house working with some of my fabric stash along with a pattern I have had a hankering to work with. Yesterday Kara and I also began working on a design for Valentines shirts for she and Karsyn. Sew hope it works out on the shirts with what is in my head.

After breakfast with some GF this morning I meet DD#1 to spend our $200.00 worth of Gymboree bucks. Oh what fun we had getting bags full of 50% off deals for all of the grands. I picked 2 new shirts at $5.99 each to work with. Kara has picked out cute appliques she wants on the new shirts.

With everything 50% our total was $398.14. We used our $200.00 worth of bucks to score $800.00 dollars worth of clothes for $214.00!!

Tea time while I catch up with my favorite blogs. Hope everyone is staying warm!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time all the way around- I have NEVER dehydrated celery. I guess I never even thought doing that. What fun to spend your Jamboree money!!!!! xo Diana

  2. great deals at Gymboree. Love your table topper especially the quilting you did on the bowl.

  3. you did great at Gymboree! and your mixer is very cute.

    I heard on the national news that next week is supposed to be even colder than this week has been :(

  4. I love your table topper too Debby