Friday, May 18, 2012

Boys Night Out

Wohooo, Look whats beginning to bloom!!

Hubby is on a much deserved boy's night out on the bikes (Harley's) I was so close to taking a video of him mounting the bike after a full day of helping me with the grands then weed eating the entire yard after dinner, it was a wet your pants laughing moment!! The only thing holding me back was he just might figure out how to use the camera and turn it on me one day.

While hubby did the trimming in the yard I did the mowing, hey its a riding lawn tractor but still after a day of heavy lifting (the grands) it was a work out. It seems that overnight the Hydrangea bushes are beginning to bloom, I just love them!! I need to refresh the dried hydrangeas around the house this year, looks like I will have plenty to cut from.

A HUGE thank you for all your comments on yesterdays post. I really have no problem saying No to some people but afterwards I always end up losing sleep second guessing myself if I did the right thing. We do give a lot to charities that we feel are in line with our morals, ethics, and principles, never less than 10% of whatever money comes our way. Maybe the folks on the receiving end are no different than my family member, who knows, but I think the Lord knows where our heart is so we give gladly and hope it makes a difference in someones life.

I am off to bed with a book  I downloaded to my Nook that Sharon suggested, check out her review here  

Want to see some of the cute things ladies are receiving from their "Secret Sister's" That Carla hosted? Check them out at the following blogs, so fun!!


  1. I am just getting leaves on the hydrangeas now, and here you are with blooms already ! When you dry yours, do you "spray" them as well to keep them longer? or just leave naturally dry, Debby?

  2. You got some really gorgeous blooms there!!

  3. Thanks for the mention and my hydrangeas are blooming too - gorgeous aren't they xxx

  4. Cindy, I just leave them as is, no spraying or anything

  5. I'd have loved to see the video of hubby!! Haha!! ;) I think you're wonderfully generous, Debby! I'm not kidding when I say how much I admire & look up to you!!! :) You are a woman after Gods heart and I'm sure He sees it!! :) You did do the right thing the other day... Considering the circumstances, helping her is enabling, NOT helping.

    Keep on shining! :)