Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work in Progress

 The UFO quilt is not quite complete. I still have to add a double border to all sides, that is if I have the correct shade of red, may need to make a stop at the quilt shop this week.
Check out our rain gauge, this 3 inches is on top of the 3 inches we received Sunday and Monday. Everything is a muddy mess, hope we don't lose the garden to root rot!

Mason decided today he was going to pull a drive Nanny up the wall sort of day. He slept a total of 2 hours, UGH!!! His normal sleep pattern is 2 hours play time, 2 hours napping, today not so much. He was happy all day but it's like wrestling an alligator keeping him entertained. Days like today cause me to glace at the calender to do a little countdown till school is out and Mommy can take over. Ha  Tomorrow is Mason and Karsyn, never a dull moment with the two together.

I ended the day with a phone call from a family member that has me in the mood for a whole bag of Doves chocolate. Maybe after I sleep on it I will have more stamina to share, tonight it has drained the last bit of energy I have. Why oh why can't adults act like adults?


  1. When you figure it out, Debby, please let us all in on why they can't be the adults they are? Oh and please do have a piece of Dove chocolate for me, since I am sure the 2nd piece of Rhubarb pie I just ate could have been for

  2. Love the quilt! As usual!! ;) Wow, you've gotten a lot of rain! I hope it slows down for you & tomorrow is a better day for you!

  3. Wow, you did get lots of rain. We have heat and wind right now but not a drop of rain :( And I know how it feels when babies don't sleep. I can't stand days like this. Mine is usually smiley too but very very clingy. Hopefully,he cooperates more for you tomorrow.

  4. you did get a lot of rain. School will be out soon for you guys won't it? It's the end of June up here.

    Out of the 5 acres, I probably cut 4 1/2 acres and it takes me 8 hours a week......I'm British I like a nice green lawn, with straight lines!!!


  5. My grass is very, very long thanks to all this rain (and the mower is broken - ach - shame!). Your quilts are so lovely and this one is no exception. Hope you are okay xx

  6. We NEED rain so send some our way! I have the same reaction when problems happen - turn to chocolate! Hope everything is OK!