Friday, May 11, 2012

The week is done, yepeee

 The little girls enjoyed a picnic lunch today, perfect weather we are having.
 And enjoyed snack time with Papaw.
 Followed up with some race car time. We live in NASCAR land after all, gotta start them young.
Ended the day with a cool toddler beverage.

The week is done and what a week it has been. We have been working non stop since hubby arrived home last week with no end in sight. However it's all good we are knocking out lots of big and little projects on our list. Our drug of choice is Excedrin back and body pain reliever as well as a beer or two for hubby and some Doves chocolate for me. Yep we are livin the life!! HA

Tomorrow starts early with our breakfast club buddies then off to the Tee Ball Braves game. Hubby has started building a lean to for his new 1968 tractor/tiller, looks like I am his assistant, lucky me. I have a set of drape/curtain things to whip up then get my menu ready for Mothers Day. The fella's will be grilling but I have the task of the sides and desert, no problem with that for me as I love to cook and our big girls are clueless. Also on the list is to get the corn, cantaloupe and watermelon seeds planted as well as thinning some of the seeds we planted last weekend. I HATE to thin seeds, it seems so cruel to cut their little heads off after they have been nice enough to grow for us.

Hope everyone enjoys their Mothers Day weekend!!!!


  1. I can't wait to see your Mother's Day Gift ! Love the Little Girls Strawberry Sun Dresses.

  2. So far so good - I've worked hard AND put up my feet for awhile today - I guess you could say I'm living a balanced lifestyle :) Your grands look so sweet in their matching dresses!

  3. We just planted today! I'm so excited for our garden!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Debbie!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! What a busy day and what beautiful kids!

  5. Have a wonderful Mothers Day, Debby!!! :)