Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UFO's (Unfinished Objects)

 One of Hubby's UFO's 
The plumbing company, county inspector, and gas company all finally got around to finishing their jobs so we now have a working natural gas grill. We have been waiting on everyone to do their thing since hubby's Birthday  March 10th, it been a long wait!!  Hubby broke it in tonight with burgers for super. Yummm No more propane tanks to run out right in the middle of a cookout.
 Way back when I bought this bundle of fat eighths along with a pattern for a "Papillon" quilt
 As with anything I first buy I was excited to get started, cut the fabric up, sewed all the tubes, then nothing..... Since then I have been moving them from here to there waiting to get busy on this quilt someday.
 I felt so bad yesterday I didn't really want to do anything but hated to waste a day. I decided it was time to work on at least one UFO. All I accomplished was to use the "Strip Tube Ruler". It took all day but I did get it all cut out.
 This morning Mason and I got started pressing seams of 154 sets.
In the afternoon we got busy piecing the quilt, 8 rolls of 14 are done!!!

Do UFO's (unfinished objects) make you as crazy as they do me? I hate having half finished projects setting around, so why in the world do I have so many???? Yikes!! Some of the projects are so old that I'm not sure I even like them anymore, NOT GOOD for sure. I am determined to knock a few out while the garden is busy doing it's thing, once things get rocking in the garden I will have very little time for anything else so now is the time to purge some UFO's.

This quilt is first on the chopping block. I was sick of moving it around every time I went in the sewing/scrapbook room. If my luck holds out I should be able to finish the quilt top tomorrow. I am OK with stacking it up once it's pieced with all of the other quilt tops waiting to be quilted, for now I just want it done!!! I only have Mason tomorrow, the house is as clean as it needs to be, laundry is caught up, and the crock pot will be my best friend for supper tomorrow night.

I also contacted the fireplace folks for the umpteenth time to get them out to finish the fireplace, they were paid in full back in January. After a song and dance with the owner we agreed they would complete the work by Friday. We have been waiting since January with calls to them once or twice a month since them, no more!! If they can't get out by Friday I am calling the manufacturer to get them involved, this has gone on way to long. I know the squirrels are gearing up to build yet another nest in the fireplace. I am not willing to continue to build a fire every 3 days to keep them out. Hello we have the air conditioner on some days now, crazy people!!

The UFO's better watch out I am locked and loaded, ready to shoot them all down. (for today at least) How do you motivate yourself to get all the odds and ends done? I am pretty good until it comes to scrapbooking/sewing I start way to many things at once then run out of energy, time or steam.


  1. Oh, I have tons of UFOs and UFPs (unfinished projects) here. My problem is that I have too many ideas in my head at the same time so I start something and jump to another thing. I'm slowly de-cluttering this month. Hopefully, it will help to get all the hidden projects out.

  2. Isn't it wonderful having direct gas hooked into the BBQ? We love it! Used to hate having a meal partially done and running out...grrr. Lots of luck on those UFO's while I am on puppy weaning detail 3x / day beginning today.

  3. Grill looks great, and looks like the Papillon quilt is well on the way to be a finish! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the baby quilt I recently finished. And good luck with the fireplace/squirrels - eek!)

  4. You're lucky Mason is able to help out on those UFO's!! I'm a Gemini and one of our characteristics is to start things and not finish them. So yes, I do have a number of UFOs around here to complete!