Saturday, May 5, 2012

Real Strawberry Fields

 Remember my Strawberry Fields quilt? It is my substitute for the real thing
 Today we finally got around to getting the real thing! Fresh Strawberries and a fun ride around the farm for Tyler.
 How cute is this, OK I know a little red neck but hey we are in the South!! The train is called the cattle herd.
 We came home with 3 gallons of strawberries, we will need an additional 2 or 3 gallons to see us through until next year but 3 gallons is all I wanted to deal with for now.
 We had a late lunch so tonight supper was strawberries and whip cream on the clean deck. I love being an adult, by golly we can eat strawberries for supper if we want and nobody can tell us no!
This is why my back has been giving me trouble. Ms. Karsyn plays hard and expects lots of wrestling around, Papaw had the pleasure of keeping her happy Friday. I was in charge of keeping them fat and dry. We make a good team. 

I sit here tonight covered from head to toe in potting soil and garden dirt, it has been a LONG and happy day. Hubby and I picked Tyler up after breakfast this morning for a trip to the strawberry patch, we decided to blow off doing the pick your own so I wouldn't aggravate my back any more than it already is. A gallon of strawberries already picked is $8.00 a gallon, that's a great price compared to the grocery store and surprise of all surprises these taste like real strawberries!! Between the three of us we have already eaten almost a 1/2 a gallon, Lord are the ever good!!!! Our strawberry patch is in a sorry state, we need to move the plants into a bigger raised bed (as soon as it is built) then figure out some sort of cover to keep the stupid squirrels out. We never get more than a couple of bowls full each year due to our squirrel population.

Tyler and Papaw went to work on a model car when we returned home and I got busy in the back garden replacing plants that the freeze got to last week. Hopefully this will be the last of the planting for awhile. Tyler was such a sweetheart he checked up on me often and even brought me a big glass of water since I was working so hard. Each time he came out to see me he hit the carrot bed to pick a few carrots to munch on. Thankfully he has learned that we need to wash carrots from the garden before they are eaten, a skill the little girls are still to learn (have to watch them like a hawk)

Then he had a dip in the hot tub to cool off while Papaw and I reworked all the planters, flower pots and window boxes. He would peek up now and then to tell me how super cute everything was looking (a phrase his Daddy hates!) We keep our hot tub cool in the summer so the grands can use it as a small swimming pool. I know another southern red neck thing but it works for us. He wanted to stay the night but staying the night turns into staying until Sunday night, we have so much yard work we are behind on we just couldn't do it tonight

Tomorrow is tons more yard work, the beginning of cleaning out the back shed, and lots of work on hubby's (new to him) tractor and tiller. This new little jewel he brought home is looking like a money pit to me, say it ain't so Joe!!!! 


  1. I love those "good tired" days, sounds like you had a wonderful one. My mouth is watering for those strawberries ! Yummy.

  2. I hope i am half the Grandma you are when I have grandkids - I can't wait but it seems my kids can. I love all that you do with them. Quilt looks beautiful xx

  3. Such a busy day, I am worn out just reading about it.

    I love fresh strawberries and strawberry jam/jelly is the best!

    A dip in the cool hot tub sounds perfect for a hot dusty day, hope you get the rest of your jobs done :)


  4. Hi, this sounds like to me those exhausting fun days that you wind up very tired but happy and satisfied at the end of them. It's great to read how you enjoy your grandchildren...isn't it just so worthwhile having them around....I love the time I spend with mine. The strawberries look really yummy!

    keep well


    at Crafy in the Med

  5. Sounds like you all had fun! It will be a while yet before we get any strawberries though I have planted some plants, the weather is just not playing so far! Those strawberries look fab, I can almost taste them!

  6. Hard but satisfying work. Those strawberries look delish.
    Love from Mum

  7. can't believe your strawberries are ready to eat already,