Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's a Classic He Say's

 Hubby's new  (to him) 1968 Cub Cadet with a tiller attachment, he is a proud man. I am thinking a money pit but for today it did great, sorta.
 Here is my additional garden bed thanks to hubby's classic. 25x10 feet, Nanny has lots more work on her summer to do list now.
 The last of the winter carrots. BTW I do not have freckled arms, although there is nothing wrong with freckles. Ladies that is dirt, once again I have spent the day covered head to toe in dirt. No need for sun screen.
 The lower garden is complete, I had to replace a few things that the frost got last week. It was worth it to have a few cooler days. Not sure the cabbage is going to do much now that the heat is back on, I gave up on broccoli :( to the local farm I shall go to get what we need this year
The raised beds are almost complete, I need to move the strawberries, then move over some of the herbs to the old strawberry bed. Seeds for onions, radishes, more carrots, and some parsley are planted. The yellow onions and garlic need to finish up so I can do some summer planting of something in the boxes.

Day two of the garden/backyard work is over...everything is not finished yet but the day is done. I can do no more!!! The front garden close to the house is complete, now to watch it grow (please let it grow) A friend who can grow everything under the sun came by this evening to give me some tips on the herb bed. I need to thin some things out and move others to an additional bed, as soon as we get the strawberries relocated I can knock that off the to do list. I haven't given up on the yellow onions and garlic yet but I am ready to be done with them both!!

Our back garden (former tomato patch) now has bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, summer squash, zucchini, and brussel sprouts. This is going to be a pain to keep up with since around our area you can watch the squash and zucchini grow by the minute. Maybe the long walk a couple of times a day will do me good.

Hubby's newest garden area will have corn, cantaloupe and watermelon. We aren't expecting much from this garden this year. We threw in a few bags of cow and chicken poop we had leftover but did nothing else to improve the red clay. He just soooo wanted to get on his new toy I couldn't say no. Maybe we will have a pleasant surprise and get a little something to grow.

Hubby's new (old) toy seems to be working pretty well other than the backfiring that had the entire street thinking we were being invaded by hostile troops. I reassured a few folks who live near us that it was just hubby on his Classic tiller, word spread fast so everyone felt safe to continue their Sunday outdoor activities. His classic came with lots of attachments, tiller, cultivator, seeder, and a snow blower. He seems to think our little piece of heaven here in the suburbs needs all the tractor power it can get. Who knows maybe someday it will snow and inch or two.

Last but not least we decided on a Mothers Day gift for me!! So excited to share but it might be next weekend before we have it ready to show off. It's more of a home improvement/Mama has been wanting it deal.


  1. Your gardens sound so great. We just have a tiny patch with 3 garden beds.I have some salad, peas, radishes there right now. Will plant kale,beans and spinach next week, and the rest after Mother's Day some time. I can't wait have our own produce again!

  2. LOL that is so like my Hubby...but it is such a classic and it works ! kind of attitude, never mind fixing and finding parts for the dang things? I was hoping to get at my flower beds with hubby tilling up our veggie garden this week, however rain in the forecast all week has put a damper on that idea. Once these puppies are out the door, it will be garden time focussing big time. Glad you got cooled off for a bit there, Debby.

  3. Looking good Debbie - can you mail me a pot of your energy please? lol xxx