Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Making lasagna is messy business.
 New table topper waiting for the binding.
Kara enjoying the hydrangeas.

Another shirt post! I have been on my feet lugging around a baby or toddler on my hip since 7:00AM, I need my bed!!!!!!!!

Today was leftover day. We had some leftover spaghetti sauce I didn't want to go to waste, with an additional jar of sauce it was just enough to make a pan of lasagna. DD#3 her hubby and Kara dropped in right at supper time. I was so glad I had enough for all of us and still 2 meals went in the freezer for a night off from cooking. Good deal!

The table topper I made today is from the leftovers of the quilt top I finished over the weekend. When I was cutting it out I hung on to the end pieces thinking they might be good for something. Leftovers are a wonderful thing! Ha I am going to count this project as a UFO since if I had moved it into the sewing room that's exactly what it would have been. Once I get the binding on it well be headed to the gift closet.

We had an additional 3 inches of rain last night, will it ever end. Our poor garden is a soggy mess. I'm not sure the plants are going to make it with all the rain we have been having, everything is beginning to turn yellow on the bottom. I so don't want to have to start all over :(

Off to bed with a good book, maybe I can read a page, then again maybe not, soooo tired


  1. Your poor back ... Isn't it great having a "meal ahead" in the freezer for those "I don't feel like it or have time" times?, even though it is a big mess, well worth it in the end. Rain? We are crying for it up here, please send some North will ya? Absolutely love the table topper print.

  2. Rain? What's that? It's as dry as dust around here, I can't remember the last time it rained. Speaking of leftovers I'm going to have some leftover Greek Lentil soup right now!

  3. Oh our rain must have headed your way - we now have glorious sunshine, so maybe that will head to you next. Another lovely project - you do move quickly. xx

  4. Lasagna is messy but so worth it, isn't it!!
    We have had rain here in the east too but our area has needed it and our yard is on a hill (well, at least what we call a hill down here in flat land) and drains real fast. AS a result our soil is NOT very fertile.

    Like your table topper too...if I can decide what colors to redo my kitchen and dinning area windows, maybe I, too, can make one.

  5. I love leftovers too, they seem to even taste better, but I find that with everything I don't have to cook myself.