Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

 Our weekend wasn't all sadness. We had Kara for the day Saturday, lots of errands, Tyler's ball game and some hot tub fun at the end of the day.
 A sweet young couple came by Saturday to share some time with their 2 little girls, wish we could have spent the day with them!! Thanks so much for the homemade strawberry jam Teresa, your family is so sweet, we are blessed to have a small part of you all in our lives!!!!!
 Hubby tried a new pork rib recipe, it was pretty good but not a favorite.
 We had our ribs while setting on the deck watching the clouds of tropical storm Beryl overhead Sunday.
The biggest deal of all was we finally finished the shed!! The last loads went to goodwill and the dump yesterday. I have to wait at least 30 days to paint the new doors and trim (I am thinking this fall) Getting all the excess stuff out of this shed is a wonderful feeling. Next big to do is working on the garage, maybe next time hubby is home.

After a weekend of hard work, running the roads, baby setting the grands, cookout with the kiddo's and losing a friend I am having a day off. Well sort of a day off, Mason man is here today but he seems to be in the same mood as I am, we are both worn out. I have lots of leftovers from the weekend to keep me out of the kitchen for a day or two, a couple of good books downloaded on the Nook I would like to read. The phone is off the hook so we don't get any telemarketing calls all is lined up for a good afternoon nap for us both.

Hubby is on his way to Al for our friends service then on to MI for a quick check on the project he is working on. I DO NOT plan on any major projects for the week!! There is plenty I could do, there always is but I need to get my battery recharged before the little girls are back Thursday - Saturday. One thing I do need to get started is our schedule for June, things are piling up with short trips, vacations, visitors, and of course the garden if it decides to grow this year. Only 2 1/2 more weeks before school is out, this year is flying by!!!


  1. Wow Debby, do you ever stop? I feel exhausted just reading what you get up to!!

  2. so sorry about your friend's death. I know that is will be difficult for a while for you all...
    glad you had a fun holiday with your family and reading...you probably need just to rest and relax some.

  3. Thoughts are with you Debbie. Sounds like you are on the ball giving yourself some time to chill. Take care xx