Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are You a Spy?

 This mornings chore was get my Scrapbook/Sewing room back in order
 Ahh, much better.
 I even organized some of my stash once again.
 Then a little work on this quilt in the afternoon.
And some finishing up on this.

It's clean up and finish up a few things around the sewing room this week before hubby arrives back home. He could care less what sort of mess I have going on around the house but I at least like to have the table cleaned off when he walks in the front door.

My little room of sin is back in working order, everything has a place and is in it's place. Of course I can never go in there without finding a new little something I want to add to the "hey this would be fun to make list" It will have to wait for awhile :( Once I finish up what I have going it will be on to lots of cooking for hubby :) and putting up strawberries. The strawberries came on early this year, we will head to the farm over the weekend to pick up our supply for the year. We do have our own strawberry patch that the squirrels are ever so thankful for, we rarely get any for ourselves.

Back to the title of this post. I heard on the news this week 60% of parents admit to spying on their children......Interesting, way back when we called that good parenting. Some crazy out of their mind group has decided that children have rights and parents are intruding on their children's right to privacy when they sneak around checking e-mails, facebook, tweeter, cell phones and all that jazz. Thank goodness my girls are adults or hubby and I would be headed to jail for a long stay.

 I was like flies on poop when our girls were teens. Get caught skipping school...maybe they need a lunch buddy. So I took a break from my always hectic day to eat lunch with them each day for two weeks. Never had to worry about that little stunt out of them again. We weren't into grounding them much, I was more about watching them suffer. Going to the movies with a friend, OK have a great time. It wasn't unusual for me to make a quick trip to the grocery store and maybe swing by the movies to make sure their car was there. Since I am already in the parking lot might as well leave a little love note on the windshield letting them know what a proud Mama I am that they really were where they said they were going.

 Oh for the good old days when parents knew what their children were up to and children were fully aware that Mom didn't give a rats a... what everyone else was doing


  1. Oh, I enjoyed your post so much today :) My kids are still too small but that is one of our most popular discussions...spy or not to spy...Oh, I'm not ready for them to grow up :)

  2. Good approach Debby, I like the Lunch Buddy System. My opinion is why have the parents been stripped of their parenting? Here lies the problem.

  3. And when things go wrong, as they often do, who gets the blame? The parents of course. Couldn't agree with you more Debbie - it's called responsible parenting. Love the sewing room - all spick and span and I bet there are a few projects going on in there xx

  4. I'm with you Debby! It was through a little snooping that I found out Kazi had posted a profile on a goth website when she was in Gr. 9! Man I was all over her like bees on honey - she didn't know what hit her! This "parent from a distance" business is a lot of bunkus!

  5. Love your craft room! It's gorgeous!

  6. Hi Debby,
    Nice meeting you this morning. What a joyful place your blog is. I poked around a little - love your quilts and am coveting your sewing room!!
    My thoughts on this post - spy, spy, spy!! We raised one daughter who never gave us any real trouble, but I still went through her dresser, her diary and her phone log regularly. We also had some very open and candid conversations about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, starting from a young age. We now have a great "adult" relationship, so I guess we did something right.

    Snoop on good mommies.