Friday, May 4, 2012

Sewing Friends

 Pinning this quilt took 2 days of off and on work with my back out. Thankfully it is now done and ready to work up. Maybe next week I can get back to it, for now hubby and I have a full weekend ahead of us.
 I finally got a photo of one of the many squirrels who set in our window boxes peeking in the house, they make AJ the beagle crazy when they do this!
I love all the birds that invade the yard in the spring, here is one of the many Blue Jay's that live at our house.

Hubby made it in yesterday evening 4 hours later than he planned do to road construction in VA. Poor guy had to set for 3 hours not moving and inch with nowhere to get off. I wish he would fly to and from projects but he won't hear of it, it takes 2 days for him to get home from the project he is on right now, grr

Mason and I finished up lots of little projects around the house then worked up a list for hubby to tackle while he is around. Most of the next few days will be working on outdoor projects that I can't do on my own. He also has the pleasure of chasing down different companies we have hired to do work on some things that have yet to show up or in some cases haven't returned to finish up what they started. I sound like a true Southern Belle that I have left getting these people back to do what they have been hired to do for hubby but I just don't have the time or patience to run them down. As far as I am concerned just fire them all!!

For today we will be tag teaming all the grands. I am not ready yet to do the heavy lifting of the little girls, my back is much better but far from being 100%, gotta to pace myself to give it time to heal. What a pain in the rump!!

Off to start breakfast for the gang then get something in the oven for lunches. Tyler has a ball game tonight so it's dinner out for us, it's been awhile since I have been out for dinner so it should be a nice treat before all the yard work begins tomorrow.


  1. Debby take care of that back, so carefully ! Good thing hubby is back home for the lifting of the Grands. Dinner out, you so deserve it.

  2. And yet another beautiful quilt - I am envious of your skills! That squirrel made me laugh - what a cheeky fellow. As Cindy says, you must watch your back - take care and give it time to heal xx

  3. got caught up on several of your you table runner!! I am redoing my dinning room and need a runner...trying to match new drapes.

    Can not imagine sitting in traffic for that long...poor hubby!!

    sorry your back is bothering you...I pray you are resting up and that healing is occurring even NOW!!


  4. Thanks ladies, back is feeling better, just taking it sorta easy and bossing everyone else around, do this lift that, dig here!! Ha I could get use to this