Thursday, May 3, 2012

To Do's getting To Done

 Baby girl quilt ready for some free motion quilting
 Table runner completed
 Bad dog caught with yet another pacifier.
And my handsome sidekick.

I am slowly getting my to do list done. A little each day, moving slowly so I don't irritate my back anymore than it already is. DD#3 has had the little girls all week to help me out with the heavy lifting, what a blessing!! Hubby will be home tonight so he will be the go to man tomorrow when its time to lift the little girls here and there, should be a fun filled day!! Ha

I have a lap quilt sandwiched in the den waiting to be pinned, slowly that too has been happening along with a few dresses cut out for the little girls. The biggest to do this week has been getting the house cleaned. I was getting along pretty good until last night when the vacuum bag blew off the vacuum cleaner, grr. Thank goodness hubby is on his way home to make the repairs, a new vacuum is not in the budget. Murphy needs to stay away so we can do some spending in the yard over the weekend.

Today is a bit more cleaning, more mopping (pacing myself on this one), sorting the mail I have let pile up and some bill paying, YUK. I'm throwing something into the crock pot for dinner tonight so I don't have to stay on my feet in the evening then hopefully just some relaxing and catching up with hubby before we begin the typical try to fit a lifetime into a week or two together.

Mason will be arriving soon, I think we will treat ourselves for some breakfast out to woo some of my friends with his good looks and sweet personality. Who needs a cute new outfit when you have eye candy like this along!!


  1. Is that Mason? What a sweetheart. Debbie, I must ask, what is free motion quilting? xxx

  2. My Crockpot & Big Batch Cooking has been my saviors at times, Debby. Watch the "back" ... I need a f/t housecleaner, and someone with a shotgun to keep Mr. Murphy away myself. Love the Mason man ...*sigh* such a sweetie pie.

  3. Aww...the little guy is so cute!!! I'm working slowly on my to-so list too...I think it grows quicker than I work on it though. Do take care of yourself, dear, and be careful with your back.

  4. Ms. Thrifty, free motion quilting is sewing the layers of the quilt together on the machine with the feed dogs down. You have to move the fabric through on your own, so far I can only do meandering and looping do type of free motion some ladies do all sorts of details