Monday, May 21, 2012

Here We Go, A New Week

 Hubby working hard to cut a bigger doorway in the shed.
 A UFO is finished!! It has now moved to the pile of needs to be quilted.
 Soft sweet fabric, I think this might be a Christmas gift....hummm, maybe
Karsyn decided today is hat day, what the heck it's only going to be in the high 80's!! Mason is right in there with her, lovin his hat.

Very short post today, I have Karsyn and Mason, DD #2 needed to take Kara to the Dr for her chest cold so I took over Karsyn for her today. The house is a rocking and won't calm down until 6:00PM tonight!!! There is a possibility they are both down for a nap, still here some singing coming from Karsyn's crib, oh please let them sleep!!

Hubby got the doorway enlarged on the shed and new doors built so he is well on his way with the remodeling. We loaded the truck up last night for a dump drop off on his way to work this morning. Slowly but surely the shed will be back in working order soon with what looks to be no more JUNK.

I finished the UFO quilt top yesterday along with my "Play it forward Handmade" gift. Now to make a card and get it all in the mail.  Pulled out my next UFO with hopes of getting it done and maybe an additional UFO this week. I have a new quilt pattern (been laying around awhile) I want to start but until I clean out a few more UFO's I won't let myself start it.

The singing has stopped, time for a quick shower then on to making lunch for the munchkins, have a great day!!


  1. Oh my I can see that you are going to be kept busy today - good luck with that. I think it is so lovely that the grandchildren have you and PawPaw rather than having to be cared for by strangers. Another fabulous quilt! xx

  2. Oh wow .... just seen your comment on my blog - very excited. Can I email you my address please rather than writing it on here? I am at xxx

  3. Good luck on your day today! I think you might just need it :)

  4. you are one BUSY grannie....and they are just adorable with and w/o the hats!!!
    like your newly completed top too...

  5. Beautiful quilt!! I think it would make a fabulous Christmas gift! :) Love the kids in their hats! lol! Mya was asking for her fur Halloween costume today!! And it's HOT today! lol!