Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Rerun

 Mothers Day

June 1960, left to right; me, our Mother, little sister in front, we are wearing dresses our Mother made us

I have been torn since yesterday if I should do this post, is it just too sad for folks to read when tomorrow is a day to celebrate Mothers or is it just right? Some Mothers are here for just a short period of time but leave a lasting impact for generations to come. My Mother was one of those special ladies. She died June 10, 1960 at 21 years old, I was 3 1/2, my sister was 1 1/2 years old. This photo is of her with my Sister and I the day she left for the hospital for a routine surgery, she never returned home...a rare hereditary brain disorder took her life in the form of an aneurysm. About a month ago I received a letter that my Father (who has also passed) wrote to my Mothers sister soon after her death, while his outpouring of love and grief wasn't as long or as eloquent as the attached blog post (end of this post) it is filled with the love and overwhelming grief he was feeling as well as the enormous responsibility he faced bringing up two little girls on his own that continued to ask why can't Mother come back home, we need her.

Yesterday a friend posted on FB an attachment to a blog about her neighbour and Mother of a little girl on her own Daughters soccer team. I will forewarn you get a box of tissue before you go to the blog post, it is a heart breaking story much like the letter my Father wrote that I have just recently received. Mothers are so very special even if they are only here with us a short period of time, celebrate your Mother tomorrow but don't forget to celebrate yourself and all the love and devotion you have poured into your own children, you are each a wonderful gift from God.

Scroll down on this site to follow along on this young Fathers year without his sweet Wendy and Baby Daughter


  1. I'm so sorry about your Mom, she was so beautiful. My Mom lost her mother when she was very young too. I never had a chance to know my Grandma. Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope it will be full of love and wonderful moments and memories.

  2. Very, very hard to read but by gosh it makes you count your blessings! How sad for you and your sister to lose your Mum so young. Happy Mother's Day my friend xx

  3. this is a very special post...thanks for sharing it and the wonderful picture of your pretty mama and "her girls"...

  4. Kleenx are needed. I can not phantom the pain of such a loss of my live forever partner. I do love the photo of your Mother, yourself and your little sister, Debby, thank you for sharing.

  5. The strength that people have to carry on after a loss is incredible, and one I hope to never have to go through..........

    thanks for pointing me in the direction of that wonderful blog.


  6. That was so extremely sad, I feel so bad for that dad and his children. What a terrible loss.
    Your dad seems to have done a wonderful job bringing you and you sister up -it can't have been easy for him yet here you are - happy, well-adjusted and nurturing your own grands. Single dads just don't get enough recognition!